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Christmas Balloon Pop

Christmas Carnival Game - Christmas Tree Balloon Pop!


Inflate Balloons early and secure in large bags.



Darts are NOT the Safest Option - See Alternative Below!


Supplies for Christmas Tree Balloon Pop Game:ornament-pop-christmas-game.jpg

bullet point Large Piece of Plywood covered with cardboard (to allow for easy addition of push pins)
bullet pont Assorted paints for decorating your board in a Christmas Tree as shown above
bullet point Push Pins or thumbtacks to add Balloons to board
bullet point Balloon Darts - (Please see our suggestions below to create a Dart-less Balloon Pop)
bullet point Small Balloons for Popping - you will need a gross or more
bullet point Table to use as stand behind area for carnival players
bullet point Large Garbage Bags to Hold Blown Up Balloons ready to pin on the board
bullet point Bungee Cords to secure board to prevent it from falling over
bullet point Soft balls or strong tape for each garbage bag to prevent the blown up balloons from blowing around
bullet point Consolation Prizes (Christmas Themed Prizes are Fun) medium prizes (optional) and Top Prizes for the winners

Game Setup:

Before your holiday party or Christmas carnival, make your Christmas Tree Balloon Pop Game with the supplies listed above.

Set up this booth with a long table as your "stand behind" line for safety. This will ensure only adults can be handling the darts and no children will be behind the "line of fire"!

Also, be sure to request the assistance of adults or teenagers blow up the balloons a day or so before the carnival. We recommend a balloon pump, an air compressor or of course you can blow them up the old fashioned way.

(Note: please see safety warnings at the bottom of the page)

How to Play the Christmas Tree Balloon Pop Carnival Game:

To play this traditional carnival game, children or carnival players are given 3 darts to throw per game.

Children "win" this carnival game by popping a balloon by throwing a dart to the board!

How Players Win a Prize:
No Balloons Popped = Consolation Prize
1 - 2 Balloons Popped = Medium Prize
3 Balloons Popped = a Top Prize

Of course, if you want to keep things simple, you can pass out a lower prized top prize for anyone who pops at least one balloon. All other players receive a consolation prize! 

A Safer Alternative - Dartless Balloon Pop:

We have designed a few different Dart-less Balloon Pop games. Basically we used a plywood with clothespins (to hold the balloons) and we added tacks to the board and kids toss bean bags to pop the balloons. Please click to see this Dart-less Butterfly Balloon Burst so you can see the details of how we make this work and the design can easily be changed into a Christmas Tree Design!

Additional Hints & Tips:

SAFETY NOTE: If this is used with Darts, this game must be sectioned off so that only adults help with this game and
carnival players cannot walk behind this booth if a child accidentally overthrows a dart.

If you choose to use sharp darts in this game, please follow the consumer reports dart safety suggestions in this PDF and be aware of balloon safety too! you can download for assistance.