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Giant Dice Roll

Almost Free Carnival Game Idea - Giant Dice Roll






Supplies for Giant Dice Roll:

bullet point 2 Large Dice (can be homemade out of 2 square boxes covered with paper with added contrasting dots)
bullet point $50 - $100 Cash Gift Donated by a Bank , Credit Union or any other Carnival Sponsor
bullet point Large Table
bullet point Large bowl or box for the drawing
bullet point Slips of paper (enough for about 5 times the expected players) and a dozen or so pens for carnival players to enter their name and phone number in hopes of winning the top prize
bullet point A consolation prize for all who play the game (see ideas below)

Game Setup:

Before your event, tape up your large square boxes and cover them with colored paper and add the dots to turn into dice. 

Note: you may wish to cover the corners with duct tape (as shown in image) to protect the paper from coming loose or ripping while these dice are being tossed.

How to Play the Giant Dice Roll Game:

Carnival players are given 2 dice to throw. Players roll the dice and using the number from the highest roll (so if someone rolls a 2 and a 5 they keep the 5) that is the number of chances the carnival player has to enter into the drawing for the top cash prize!

All players receive a consolation prize after the roll. It is fun to have the consolation prize be “money themed” like Bubble Gum Coins or $100 bookmarks! (See below)

This is a fun carnival game for kids they seem to get really excited about the idea of winning $50 or $100!

You can also have some runner up prizes such as Gold Nugget Bubble Gum Bags shown below.

Most carnivals announce the drawing about the last 15 minutes of the carnival and have people gather around to see who wins. (The winner does not have to be present – just make sure you have first and last name and phone number to reach your winner.) Also, if your school or church does a raffle drawing you can add this drawing as well. Choosing a winner before an excited carnival crowd is great fun for kids and parents alike! The host may even pick a child from the crowd to draw out a winner from the bowl!

Additional Hints & Tips:

 Note: If you have a large carnival (500+ kids expected) – you may want to have 2 sets of dice going at a time so kids are not waiting in a long line to play!

Also, be sure to spread the word for the company who sponsored your top cash prize for this game – you can make a sign at the table – it may help secure your supporter.