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Watermelon Ring Toss

Ring a Watermelon DIY Summertime Outdoor Game!


Your "Rings" should be slightly larger than the fruit.



Add Decorations & "Ants" - Download Below.


(Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a foam ring being tossed around a watermelon.)

Supplies for Summertime Game:

bullet point 4 Small Watermelons
bullet pont Medium sized rings/hoops (we show thin pool noodles cut and glued on the ends) -OR-
bullet point Medium sized Rope Rings (Use thick rope and glue ends to make your own) (See tip below)
bullet point Red Tablecloth, Picnic themed Tablecloth Runner & Duct Tape
bullet point Card-stock Printed "Ants (FREE download coming soon)
bullet point Game Sign, Ticket Box (optional)
bullet point Red white and Blue Pennant Banner Decoration and stakes secure in ground
bullet point Stand Behind Lines - We used plastic Patriotic Cones
bullet point Prizes - Consolation and Top Prizes 

Game Setup:

Finding the right "Medium sized" rings are the biggest challenge with this game. If making your own - one of the easiest ways is to go to a home maintenance store and purchase thick rope and make your own rings. 

Once you have your supplies, this carnival type game is a cinch to setup fast!

You simply need to set out your tablecloth(s) folded in half and tape down. If you are on concrete you will need duct tape to keep in place during a breeze. We hid the duct tape under the tablecloth, but with all the great colors and designs they now have for this strong tape, you may find a fun one that goes with this theme that you can tape on the entire edge of the bottom tablecloth.

Next, line up your 4 small watermelons in a line about 3 feet apart. You can test this out based on the age of kids playing the game, but generally if there is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet between the center of each watermelon- that seems to be a good distance for some challenge but also allows you to have some top prize winners too!

Finally, add your "stand behind" lines and other decorations (optional) like ants, colorful flags, game sign and prizes in buckets!

How to Play This Summer Game:

Carnival players are given four medium sized rings for a chance to ring all 4 watermelons in order. 

You Have Two Options on Passing Out Prizes:

First, Your players receive a prize based on the number of watermelons that have a ring:

0 - 1 = a consolation prize
2 - 3 = a middle prize
4 watermelons = a top prize

Second, you players receive a prize for every watermelon carnival players ring:

So.. if game players do really well - they will win a total of 4 prizes! If you choose this method, generally you will have a consolation prize for the first and second watermelon, a medium prize for the third and a top prize for the fourth watermelon.

For example:

Ring on Watermelon #1 = Jelly Bracelet
Ring on Watermelon #2 = Sticky Hand
Ring on Watermelon #3 = Watermelon Sucker
Ring on Watermelon #4 = Mini Stuffed Animal

Tip: If you decide to pass out prizes with this method, generally you will need the most prizes for the watermelon closest to the players. See our example above.

By the way, when we have set up games like this, sometimes the kids want to use all four of their chances to win the top prize by hooping the watermelon farthest away - and we think that is fine. But, you can decide before your event if they must hoop the watermelons in order - one by one in order to win each prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

This Summertime Game is great for July 4th or a Family Reunion as all ages will enjoy playing this cute game!

Like all carnival games, we recommend you set this one up and test it out. With this game, you want the watermelon that is furthest away to be a real challenge - so make sure there is plenty of room in-between your watermelons and the game is not too easy!