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Emoji Bucket Ball

Emoji Bucket Ball - Carnival Game Idea!

Girl tossing ball to try to win at the Emoji Bucket Ball Game

Closeup Emoji Bucket Ball
Although the game is shown in yellow - any color works!



Emoji Bucket Balls with Weights
Weight the bucket to prevent tipping


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a winning toss for this easy carnival game


Supplies for this Game:

bullet point 9 Buckets with Emoji Faces set up in 4 rows as shown above (You can add the faces to any buckets with markers or with a printout)
bullet point 12 or more Tossing Balls - you can use sponge balls or 5 inch spike balls
bullet point Something to weight down the buckets to keep them from tipping over (large rocks or a few inches of water in the bottom)
bullet point Stand Behind lines using sidewalk chalk, masking type tape or traffic cones
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point 1 or 2 other top carnival prizes - Emoji themed Prizes are great fun for this game!

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, arrange your buckets as shown in our images above.

Tiip: Make sure each bucket has some weight to prevent from tipping over when the balls are tossed

Decide your stand behind line for the players. You may wish to allow younger players to stand closer to make the game more fun for everyone!

How to Play This Game:

Each player is given 3 balls for a chance to get one of the balls to land and stay in a bucket.


None of the balls stay in any buckets - they receive a small toy type prize
One or more balls land and stay in a bucket they receive a winner's prize.

NOTE: if you want to add a new challenge to this game - designate the bucket at the very back of the game the "top prize bucket" and players receive a top prize if they are able to get a ball to stay in that bucket!

If you choose, you can have the very last bucket allow winners to win a top prize - as this is difficult to achieve.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Safety Note: This booth is popular for everyone and small children as it is colorful and played on the ground.

It is a good idea to have individual bags of animal crackers or other toddler safe items on hand. If a toddler wins, let the parents decide if the little one receives the top prize or a prize suitable for their age.