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Fish Cup

Almost Free Game Idea - DIY Fish Cup Game


Use 9 Ounce Plastic Cups about 3 Inches apart!


TIP: Place Ping Pong Balls in Mini Pails!

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Fish Squirts for the Fish Cup Game Clear Plastic Cups for thte Fish Cup Game




Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows clear plastic cups filled with water randomly placed on a table and ping pong balls being tossed in.

Supplies for DIY Fish Cup Game:

bullet point 24 - 36 (or more) 9 oz clear plastic cups (found at most grocery stores)
bullet point 12 (or more) Squirt Fish
bullet point Ping Pong or Table Tennis Balls (12 and more are best)
bullet point Table to hold cups with water
bullet point Plastic pitcher to fill cups with water
bullet point Blue material or tablecloth or food coloring to tint water (optional)
bullet point Mini pails to hold Ping Pong Balls to hand to carnival players to play the game
bullet point Stand Behind Lines (so kids are not too close to the game)
bullet point Carnival Prizes - consolation and top carnival prizes - fish themed prizes are really cute in this game! (See Ideas Below!)

Game Setup:

This carnival game is a spin off from the Fish Bowl Carnival Game.

In searching, we could not find really inexpensive fish bowls and found that clear plastic cups did a great job at a fraction of the price! We recommend keeping the game "fish friendly" and only using pretend fish for the plastic cups!

Before the carnival, set out at least 36 cups and fill with water. Make sure they are a few inches apart on the table - do not place them right next to each other or this game will be too easy!

Next choose about 8 colorful squirt fish to add to just 8 of the clear cups. (see our example above.) In order for fish to sink to the bottom, immerse them into the water and squeeze them to release the air bubbles that will fill the fish with water. Your squirt fish should sit on the bottom of each cup for your game.

How to Play the Fish Cup Game Game:

Players are given 3 table tennis balls to try their chance at getting a ball into a cup with a squirt fish in the bottom.

The only way to win this game is to have one or more of your table tennis balls land into a cup holding a fish!

How Players win a Prize:

No Balls into cup with Pretend Fish = Consolation Prize

One or More Balls into Fish Bowl with a Pretend Fish = Top Prize

Additional Hints & Tips:

Like all carnival games, we recommend you set this one up and test it out.

In our tests, giving players 3 chances, they had about a 1 in 12 - 15 chance of getting a ball into a fishbowl with a colorful squirt fish when standing about 3 - 5 feet from the game.

Older players did not do much better than younger players - this game looks much easier than it is!!