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Sand Art

Kids Carnival Activity - Sand Art


Kids Tap the Sides of their art to "settle the sand"


TIP: Plastic Spoons and Funnels Are Easy Setup!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows making sand art by pouring colorful sand thru funnel into a cupcake sand art container.

Supplies for Sand Art Kids Activity:

bullet point Plastic Sand Art Containers for kids to design their masterpieces (See our Discount Sand Art Containers below)
bullet point Colorful Sand Craft Sand designed for kids arts and crafts (See Discount Sand for containers below)
bullet point Mini Funnels for filling containers
bullet point Shallow buckets or containers that will allow kids to hold their art piece over the container while they fill
bullet point At Least 1 Long Table (generally - 2 long tables work best)
bullet point Plastic Spoons
bullet point Medium Buckets for Sand Art Container for children to choose their design
bullet point Ticket Box and Booth Sign

Activity Setup:

Before the carnival, set out your tables and place your shallow containers on the table.

Note: the images above show the containers right next to each other, but we have found that at least 6 inches or more space between the colors prevents children from reaching across one color sand to another, spilling mixing the sand colors.

Open your assorted sand art bottles, and place in medium buckets. If you have different sized containers, charge more tickets for the larger container - not just for the cost of the container, but for the extra sand it takes to fill it up.

Finally, most sand art bottles come with 1 funnel in each bag. Remove the funnels and place a few in each color sand.

Generally, the children will use one funnel for their entire craft, and give it back for the next child.

How to Run the Sand Art Booth:

Children choose a container and place one funnel in the top. Now, children will choose which color to add to design their sand art until the bottle is filled to the rim.

Note: please remind children to tap their containers at the end to help the sand to settle and add more sand to the top to allow the sand to be packed in to keep its shape.

Adults or other carnival volunteers oversee this fun carnival booth and refill sand levels when needed. Be sure to help younger children with sand art lids, but for the most part – the kids run the booth by themselves!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Carnival Savers Tip: When the kids think they are finished with their sand art, have them tap the side of their bottle to "settle the sand". They will be able to add more sand and the sand will "packed" in the container and prevnet the design from jumbling when then leave the booth!

Savings Tip: we asked a local grocery store if they could donate 6 of their clear cookie containers. We cut the containers in half, and we had a fantastic inexpensive way to have sand ready for children to use on their sand art designs. 

Hint: Most schools charge at least $1.50 for kids to participate in this carnival booth. What a fantastically easy way to entertain kids while making a profit for your school or church fundraising event!