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Dino Dig

Carnival Booth Idea - Dinosaur Dig


Dino Eggs Seal WELL! Adults may need to help open.


Toys Tossed in the Sand become DUSTY - Use Eggs.



Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows young kids digging in the sand for Dino Eggs.

Supplies for Dinosaur Dig Booth:

bullet point Egg filled with mini Dinosaurs (one for each player)
bullet point Small slips of paper for prizes that do not fit in the Dino Eggs
bullet point Shallow container or toddler pool filled with Play Sand (Remember to only choose official "Play Sand" for safety - you can find it at building supply stores!)
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation and top prizes - dinosaur themed are great fun!
bullet point Ticket Box & Game Sign
bullet point Small table (optional) but idea for Top Prizes and your Ticket Box

Game Set Up:

Set out your plastic pool or other large flat container that holds the eggs.

Before the carnival, fill out small slips of paper with the prize numbers.

For example, if you ordered 72 bone candy packets and 24 Dinosaur Grabbers, you would have 72 pieces of paper with ”#1" and 24 pieces of paper with a "#2" on them.

Now, remove the dinosaurs from some of the eggs (keep for next year) and replace with either another prize or a slip of paper that coordinates with the prize (#1 or #2) that did not fit in the egg.

Place the larger prizes on a table and put a #1 or #2 sign next to the prizes so the kids will know when the find an egg what the slip of paper with the number represents. 

How to Play the Dinosaur Dig Game:

Children dig in the sand a choose an egg. If their egg contains a dinosaur - they get to keep their egg and the dinosaur that comes inside.

If their egg contains a slip of paper, they turn in their egg and the piece of paper for the prize for that number.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: Be sure to keep the empty eggs and the dinosaurs you removed for next year’s carnival! (You can always add an extra dinosaur into some of the eggs for next year so some kids get a bonus dinosaur in their eggs.)  Each child only wins one prize at this booth! Also, the eggs seal very well so have extra adults to open eggs for kids.

Safety: Young children like to play this game - have some toys or small packages of toddler cookies and ask the parent if they would prefer the preschool toy. You can simply tell the child that their egg is magical and look at their special prize!