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Baseball Throw

Carnival Game Idea: Baseball Throw!


Rubber Baseballs Are Much Safer for this Game.



Can also be played at the end of a long table.


Supplies for Baseball Throw:

bullet point 6 or more Rubber Baseballs (standard baseballs are too hard)
bullet point Small table(s) or round, wooden bar stool(s)
bullet point 3 - One Pound Aluminum Milk Bottles for each game (NOTE: These are discontinued - are are difficult to find at this time - our apologies! 
bullet point Table for supplies & prizes optional
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point A backstop or way to prevent overthrown baseballs from rolling away from the game
bullet point Sidewalk Chalk or hula hoops to make lines or starting areas for different age children to play the game
bullet point Carnival Prizes – top prizes and consolation 

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, setup each the 1 pound milk bottles into a pyramid as shown in the game photo. Also, make sure you locate this game in front of a baseball stop or another way to stop the rubber baseballs from bouncing and rolling all over the carnival.

Also, test the baseball throw for difficulty and place “stand behind” lines or hula hoops for different age children using sidewalk chalk, tape or hula hoops.

How to Play the Baseball Toss Carnival Game:

Children are given three rubber baseballs to throw per game. Depending on the setup of the stand, they win prizes based upon how many Milk Bottles they knock down.

You can make the game more difficult by requiring players to knock the entire group of Milk Bottles off the stand or just require that all Milk Bottles be knocked over to win.

For example, prizes could be passed out as shown below:

0-1 milk bottles knocked down = consolation prize
2 milk bottles knocked down = medium prize
3 milk bottles knocked down = top prize

Like all other school and church kids’ carnival games, everyone at least wins a consolation prize. Older children, teens and adults especially love this game of skill. Choose some prizes that will keep them coming back to try to win!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: This is a traditional carnival game BEST PLAYED OUTDOORS!! Why? When the aluminum bottles fall and hit each other, they make a loud clashing noise especially when they fall on cement! Falling on the grass is a better solution when played outside.

When planning this game for a large school or church carnival, two games can be played at the same time as shown in our top image. 

Note: Your volunteers will spend some time picking up the balls that hit the ground and roll around. Be sure to have at least 6 rubber baseballs for each game so the game does not stop while the volunteers are collecting the balls.

The easiest way to set up the game is to use your school or church baseball backstop with small stools or tables for the Milk Bottles as shown. Keep in mind that you want to group carnival games in the same proximity. Families may not walk far to play just one game!