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Reindeer Ring Toss

Christmas Party Game Idea - DIY Holiday Reindeer Ring Toss!


Place Bottles with an inch between the base. 



Use Hard Plastic Rings top play with office Party Game.


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows cane rack rings being tossed around glass soda bottles decorated like reindeer.

Supplies for DIY Reindeer Ring Toss:

bullet point 18 - 24 (or more) Single-Serving Root Beer Bottles
bullet pont 8 - 12 Brown Colored Felt Sheets 8-1/2 x 11 inches
bullet point 18 - 24 Red Pom Poms for reindeer noses
bullet point 38 - 48 Medium Google Eyes
bullet point 18 - 24 Brown Pipe Cleaners for antlers
bullet point Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
bullet point 24+ Plastic Tossing Rings for Games
bullet point Table with decorations
bullet point Stand Behind Lines (tape, cones or chalk on the sidewalk)
bullet point Consolation Prizes (we show some fantastic Holiday Prize Ideas below) and Top Prize for the winners

Game Setup:

Before your holiday party or Christmas carnival, make your reindeer decorations as a simple craft and add one to each root beer soda bottle with hot glue.

A few hours before your party, setup as above with the soda bottles as shown above while keeping the "reindeer" fairly close together as shown in the image above. (about 1 inch apart)

How to Play the Reindeer Ring Toss Carnival Game:

Players are given 6 Tossing Rings for this game to see if they can ring a bottle to win a top prize.

0 rings on Reindeer = a consolation prize
1 Ring on Reindeer = a top prize

This is one of those carnival games that looks really easy, but is very difficult! Be sure to place your bottles close together to ensure that about 1 top winner out of one dozen players will ring a reindeer!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: For younger children, you may wish to give them 8 rings for tossing to help them have a chance to win at this game too!

Is this game for adults at a Holiday Office party? If so, feel free to change the name to Rein-BEER Ring Toss and use Beer Bottles instead of Root Beer Bottles!