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Dart Balloons 5 Inch (144 /package) 5¢ each

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Dart Balloons 5 Inch (144 /package) 5¢ each


Small Dart Balloons are perfect for any balloon carnival booth or for filling up a closet, office or room for a fun birthday surprise! These small balloons are thin and pretty easy to pop in games! Also, don't miss our  Dart-less Balloon Pop Carnival Game - much safer than popping balloons with sharp darts!!

Note: These small balloons are quite challenging to inflate - they take quite a bit of pressure to blow up and adults who are good at knots to to tie off. The 7 inch balloons seem to be easier to inflate and cost a little bit more but may be worth the price!
1-ruler-size.jpgBalloons are 5" inflated.



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