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End of the Rainbow

Easy Carnival Game Idea - End Of The Rainbow!


Simple Supplies - Pennies, Plastic Pots & Chalk.



Don't forget to Display Your Prizes!


Supplies for End of the Rainbow:end-of-the-rainbow-easy-setup-carnival-game.jpg

bullet point Black Mini Pots (weighted) see mini pots below to order
bullet point Colorful sidewalk chalk or butcher paper (if indoors) with different colored markers or paint and paint brushes to create your rainbow
bullet point Pennies for tossing
bullet point Stand Behind Lines - sidewalk chalk is the most obvious choice for this game :)
bullet point Ticket Box and Carnival Game Sign
bullet point Grand prize, consolation prize and medium prizes

Game Set Up:

First, days before your carnival, you will need to decide how you will weight the bottom of your plastic pots. You can glue them down on a thin board, add clay to the bottom or in a pinch add an inch or so of water.

Before your carnival - you will want to have your "rainbow" ready to roll!

If indoors, this can be done days ahead with butcher paper and paint (or markers) to draw a rainbow and other decorations. Note: kids will love to help you with this project, so be sure to enlist the assistance of school aged children with loads of energy!

If your carnival is outdoors, of course the sidewalk chalk will be used at the last minute at the setup time before the carnival. Once again, if you ask request help from some of the children who are helping with carnival setup they will enthusiastically help with this fun task.

You will set up this booth as shown in the game picture above and add a few "stand behind" lines for different age children.

Set out your ticket box and sign. Finally, we always recommend that you display your prizes. Don't just keep them in an old box or in a plastic grocery store bag - grab a medium plastic pail or if your prize can be hung up on a string in-between trees and close to your booth, this is an awesome way to draw the attention of carnival players!

How to Play the End of the Rainbow Carnival Game:

Children stand behind line and take 3 chances to throw pennies into the pots.

You can make a few different lines for different age children to make this game more fair to the little ones (as mentioned above.)

Of course, you can set up your carnival game prizes how you wish - here is an example of how to set up the prizes for this game:

0 pennies in pot = consolation prize
1 - 2 pennies = a medium prize
3 pennies = the grand prize

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: The black pots or kettles are tiny - but kids seem to have fun with this carnival game challenge.