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Candy Corn Bowling

Easy Fall Festival Idea: Candy Corn Bowling!

Easy Fall Festival Idea - Candy Corn Bowling

Use Sidewalk Chalk to Mark Position of Pins



Fall Festival Game
Add a Bale of Hay to Make Pick Up Easier!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows two tries to knock down the Candy Cane Bowling Pins outside.


Supplies for Candy Corn Bowling Game:

bullet point Plastic Candy Corn Bowling Set
bullet point Spike Balls - 4 - 5 inch as extra bowling balls (optional)
bullet point Bale of Hay
bullet point Two 2 x 4 Wood Boards (optional) to keep the ball close to the game if you are not using a sidewalk
bullet point Sidewalk Chalk
bullet point Table, optional - BEST setup for Senior Citizens 
bullet point 2 Pool Noodles (optional) and packing tape (if using on a table)
bullet point Table decorations - optional
bullet point Ticket Box and Fall Festival Game Sign
bullet point Stand Behind Lines - can use (Hula Hoops, Small Cones, or of course Sidewalk Chalk
bullet point Top Prizes for winners - Fall Carnival Prizes are  always fun and Consolation prizes for players who do not earn a strike or a spare. 

Quick Game Setup:

Placement of this game is key! Choose a flat surface for this game - ideally on a sidewalk with thick grass on the sides as shown in our image. Playing this game in the grass is NOT recommended unless you can lay down a piece of plywood for a smooth, flat surface.

NOTE: Having thick grass on either side of this game helped to keep the ball close by instead of rolling away from the game. If you are not so lucky, with your sidewalk, consider adding two 2 x 4 boards to keep the ball with the game.

If using this game for senior citizens, placing this game on a table is ideal. And, don't forget to tape two pool noodles on the edges of the table to prevent from having to retrieving the balls that rolls off the table. 

Also - using the sidewalk chalk - mark the placement under of each bowling pins so that the player can help you replace the pins once they have finished their turn.

How to Play the Fall Bowling Game:

Festival players are given 2 or 3 tries to knock all of the pins down. 

Knocking all the pins down is quite challenging! This is why we recommend 3 rolls of the pumpkin bowling ball for young children and 2 rolls for kids 8 and older.

This set only comes with one lightweight ball. You can have a another child in line help to retrieve the ball each time - or choose to add a few 5 inch lightweight balls like our value 5 inch Spike Balls to avoid the slight delay during the game. 

Note:You can use the extra Spike Balls as top prizes - the kids love these!

Additional Hints & Tips:

IMPORTANT: You will wear out your volunteers if they are continually bending over to pick up the knocked over pins and set them up with the proper spacing as well as retrieving the balls.

What should you do instead?

EASY - We suggest that you ask the each of the players to help with the placing of the pins back once they are done playing the game so the next player has a fresh set of pins - this is why we suggest you use the sidewalk chalk and mark the position of the pins to make this easier for the kids to take part!