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Dart-less Balloon Pop

Unique Carnival Game Idea: Dart-Less Balloon Pop!


Tip: Blow up balloons BEFORE your Event!



Close-up of tacks on the game frame.


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a young girl throwing a bean bag to pop a balloon in a wooden frame.

Supplies for Dart-Less Balloon Pop:

bullet point Dart Balloons (see dart balloons below)
bullet pont 6 - 12 Bean Bags for Tossing
bullet point Clean Trash Sack (and weights like baseballs) for holding inflated balloons
bullet point A Handmade Wooden Frame to hold Balloons (Wooden boards, screws, woodworking tools)
bullet point Wooden Strips with Tacks about every 6 inches at the back of each shelf to pop balloons
bullet pont Bungee Cords or Rope to Secure Game against tree or pole if outside
bullet point Sidewalk chalk, hula hoops or cones to make lines or starting areas for different age children to play the game
bullet pont Carnival Prizes – top prizes and consolation (see ideas below)

Make This Game:

You will need a woodworking adult to make this game. We do not have exact dimensions as we did not construct this game - we are sharing this from a school carnival. Our best guess is that they used 6 x 1 inch boards to make the frame and the "shelves" are about 6 - 8 inches apart. (or a size that will best hold your balloons slightly snug without popping) 

The nice thing about this design, is that the shelves on this game nestle the balloons and keep them in place until a lucky player tosses a bean bag and pops a balloon.

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, have adults or teenagers inflate balloons oodles of balloons using a hand pump, compressor or the old fashioned way.
(Note: please see safety warnings at the bottom of the page)

Secure your game against a tree (or pole) with bungee cords or ropes.  

How to Play the Dart-Less Balloon Pop Carnival Game:

Children are given 3 bean bags to throw per game.
Children "win" this carnival game by popping a balloon by throwing a bean bag that pushes a dart balloon against the tack on the strip at the back of the shelf. Be sure to have some spaces in between balloons to make this game a little bit harder!

Additional Hints & Tips:

We first saw this fun outdoor game at a local school carnival in Texas. Kids love this game - and parents were much happier that kids were not throwing darts!! There was a line of kids just waiting to play this unique game at the carnival we visited! This school actually ran out of dart balloons before the end of the carnival - so be sure to order plenty of balloons!

Safety Note: Please follow all safety suggestions from the Consumer Products Safety Commission PDF for balloons.