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Glow In The Dark Sticky Hands (48 total hands in 2 bags) 22¢ each

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glow in the dark sticky hands toy


These glow-in-the-dark sticky hands are clear in the bright light, but take them into the dark, and they glow a light green color. Very cool for kids! This small toy is a fantastic carnival prize, especially during an evening or night festival. Be sure to put them in the light (even with a bright flashlight in a paper sack) so they glow for the kids! Note: These small toys do come individually wrapped so they are an easy, inexpensive prize to pass out! Also, they can leave a "grease type" mark on surfaces if left for 30+ minutes. Please use adult supervision with this toy that kids love! Remember, these Sticky Hands are clear in the light and glow light green in the dark. But first, you must put them in light for awhile before they'll glow after!

1-ruler-size.jpgGID hand is 1 1/4 w/6" string. 



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