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Glitter Sticky Hands (144 total sticky hands in 2 bags) 13¢ each

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Glitter Sticky Hands Toy
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Glitter Sticky Hands are a favorite for kids. Kids love to watch these glitter hands stick to walls, paper, and almost everything else. This carnival prize, at about 10¢ each, is sure to stay within your budget too! Note: These small toys do come individually wrapped so they are an easy, inexpensive prize to pass out!

Caution: this sticky toy can leave a "grease type" stain on surfaces if left for 30+ minutes. Please use adult supervision with this toy that kids love!
1-ruler-size.jpgSticky hand is 1 1/4" with 7" string. 


Customer Reviews

2 reviews

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    Sticky fun for kids

    Posted by Carnival Savers Team on 28th Jan 2016

    If you are worried that boys will think this item is too "girly" - not to worry. These sticky hands do have bits of glitter, but not enough to make them too girls for boys. One thing to remember about all sticky items, is that if left on a wall or a surface, they can leave a "grease mark" so Mom's don't seem to love this small toy. We give it 5 stars - but please know some Mom's will give it less if left around!

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    Popular low cost prize

    Posted by Jodi Stanley on 15th Dec 2015

    Carnival Savers made it so easy to find price points that worked. Some of the best prices I found and all my shopping could be done in one place. I could start with more lower priced items and save some of our budget for bigger ticket items. These Sticky hands were a popular item with the kiddos, and happen to be the one of our low cost prizes.

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