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Candy Corn Lollipop Tree

Candy Corn Lollipop Tree - DIY Fall Festival Game!


Every Child Wins a Pop - Some Win a Top Prize Too!



Lollipops Lean Down... BUT Stay on the Tree!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows kids choosing a lollipop from a candy corn colored lollipop tree

*Note: if you do NOT charge tickets - put a colored dot on EVERY LOLLIPOP (See Details Below)

Supplies for Lollipop Tree Game:

bullet point RED Cardboard Lollipop Tree - Shucks... this item has been discontinued. We recommend putting lollipops in a bale of hay. 
bullet point White, Orange and Yellow Acrylic Paints & Brushes 
bullet point Small Lollipops (one for each player) 
bullet point A way to mark the ends of some of the lollipop sticks (marker, ink pad or food coloring)
bullet point Table, Tablecloth, Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point Clear packing tape (optional - but recommended for a breezy day)
bullet point 1 or 2 other top carnival prizes or other top carnival prizes (see some ideas below)

Game Setup:

Several days before fall festival, paint your red lollipop tree to resemble a candy corn as show in our images. Note: Ours took a few coats of paint but the job was very simple and we allowed to colors to blend just like they do on the Candy Corn Candy! 

Decide how many top prizes you are going to give away, and make the end of that exact number of lollipops as your top prizes. 

Make sure the marked lollipops and evenly mixed in with the unmarked pops. And if you have more than 400 players expected to play, be sure to save out some of your top winner pops so they are not all chosen in the first hour or so of your fall festival!

First set up your table and tablecloth (optional), then add your tree and finally add the suckers to the tree. The lollipops do tend to lean down and will not stay on the tree if you try to move the tree with the pops in place. 

The weight of the candy on a fully loaded tree (each tree holds about 400 pops) seems to prevent it from tipping over from slight breezes and it does just fine. But, if you are outdoors on a day with gusty winds, use clear packing tape to secure the tree right to the table or tablecloth. 

How to Play the Lollipop Tree Game:

Kids love this game because they get to choose their favorite flavor of candy and keep the pop they choose!

But, if the lollipop has a colored mark on the end of the stick, then the player gets to keep the lollipop they picked AND a top prize!

*Top festival prizes typically are about about 10% - 20% of all lollipops have a dot for a top prize. 

Additional Hints & Tips:

If you are planning a carnival for the first time, this is an inexpensive and easy DIY game - just be sure to paint your tree a day or so before your festival!!

Because the top prizes our counted and the top lollipops match the same number of prizes, it is helpful for first time festival planners, as you are sure to not run out of top prizes - unless of course you run out of candy all together as you had more children play this game than anticipated! 

*If you are not charging tickets to play the game, kids will continue to "pull pops" until they find a dot!! (See our video above) Our best suggestion is to put a dot on EVERY Lollipop - but use a different colored dot to distinguish the top prizes. For example, put a orange dot on 24 lollipops for kids to win a stuffed animal, put a purple dot on 48 lollipops for kids to win a finger puppet, and put a green dot on all the rest of your pops and tell the kids if they get a green dot they win the lollipop. 

Are you wanting to make a large homemade lollipop tree? Check out our DIY Lollipop Tree page for pictures of handmade trees typically made out of wood or pegboard.

If this is for a winter carnival or Christmas Carnival see our brand new Holiday Christmas Lollipop Tree!

Safety Note: This booth is popular for small children - you may wish to have individual bags of animal crackers on hand. If a toddler wins, let the parents decide if the little one receives the top prize or a bag of animal crackers, toddler fruit gummies or individually packaged rice crispy treats!  Of course, they get to keep the lollipop they choose from the tree - which may be given to a parent :)