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Holiday Lollipop Tree

Carnival Game Idea - Holiday Christmas Lollipop Tree!


An Assortment of Lollipops are Fun for This Game!



Kids Love to Win Stuffed Holiday Toys!


 Supplies for Christmas Lollipop Tree:


bullet point Large Sheet(s) of Pegboard and woodworking tools
bullet point 4 x 1 Wooden Boards and screws to build a frame support for the tree
bullet point Green Paint and other decorations as shown
bullet pont One lollipop for each carnival player - remember, sometimes children play more than one time each
bullet point Carnival Sign and Ticket Box (if needed)
bullet point Permanent colored markers to mark the bottom of the lollipop sticks
bullet point 1 or 2 other top carnival prizes - typically a larger colorful lollipops or stuffed animals you can display

Make this Game:

You will need a woodworking adult to make this game. Your volunteer will make a tree shape out of the pegboard and then design a frame to support the pegboard shaped christmas tree. Of course, this will then be painted to green and if you wish add the cute oversized lollipop to the top as a decoration.

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, count the number of top prizes you wish to give out at this winter holiday carnival booth.

Mark the end of the stick of one lollipop for each grand prize. Do not put all of the top prize lollipops in the tree in the beginning - just to make sure you have some top prizes for the end of the carnival too - so have your volunteers add some top winning lollipops to the tree every hour or so.

How to Play the Christmas Lollipop Tree Carnival Game:

Each child chooses a lollipop from the lollipop tree - they always keep the lollipop they choose but... if the lollipop has a colored mark on the end of the stick, then the child gets to keep the lollipop they picked AND a top carnival prize!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: For years, we sold a Cardboard Standup that was a easy way to make a Christmas Lollipop Tree. We were as disappointed as our customers to find out the supplier stopped manufacturing their trees at the end of 2016 and we have sold out! We are searching for an simpler substitute and will post it when we find the right one!

Safety Note: This booth is popular for preschool children. Plan on having a few individual bags (or boxes) of animal crackers on hand. If a young child wins, let the parents decide if the toddler receives the top prize or a small box of animal crackers or cookies.