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Santa's Hat Ring Toss


DIY Christmas Party Game Idea: Santa's Hat Ring Toss


Supplies Needed for this Christmas Party Game – Santa's Hat Ring Toss:

5 Santa's Hats
5 Plastic Cones (see below) to keep the hats from falling over.
(You can also use stiff paper crumpled and stuffed inside each hat)
7 or 8 inch, lighweight plastic or wooden hoops for tossing
"Stand behind" lines - either cones, a sign or if outside, sidewalk chalk
Holiday themed carnival prizes - top, medum and conslation prizes

How to Play: 

Before your carnival, set up the Santa's Hats on the cones or stuff with paper or tissue so they are ready to go. If this game is used for different age groups, it is a good idea to have a few different 'stand behind" lines for to make the game fair for the younger kids. 

Players are given 3 rings for a chance to ring as many Santa's Hats as Possible!

Winnings can work like this:
0-1 rings on Santa's Hats = consolation prize
2 rings on Santas Hats = medium prize
3 rings on Santas Hats = top prize 

Remember: We recommend that if you have different aged children playing this game, that you have differrent "stand behind" lines so the younger children have a good of a chance to win as you older, taller kids!

Winter Themed Supplies and Prizes for the
Santa's Hat Ring Toss Game!

 sequin-santa-hat-sm.jpg  large-plastic-rings-sm.jpg  santa-beard-whizzers-small-toy-sm.jpg  santa-holiday-punch-balls-toy-sm.jpg
 Sequin Santa Hat for Game  Large Plastic Rings for Game
Santa's Beard Whizzers  Santa's Holiday Punch Balls Prize 



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