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Penguin Sledding

Penguin Sledding - Winter Game to Buy!


Snowflake Punchballs Make a Great Top Prize!



Prizes Coordinate to the Number Slots.


Short gif/video below shows this game in action


Supplies for Penguin Sledding Game:

bullet point Penguin Sledding Game Set (sold below)
bullet pont Small Table (optional but makes the game seem larger)
bullet point 4 Different Prizes - 3 small prizes - 1 medium / slighter larger prize

Game Setup:

This game is easy to setup and easy to play!

Simply take the game out of the box - place on a small table and use the wooden dowel to support the game. Now place your four different prizes in different buckets or baskets and label them Prize #1, Prize #2, Prize #3 and Prize #5.

(We did not skip a number the board is numbered 1, 2 , 3 and 5 ;) 

How to Play the Penguin Sledding:

Children are given 1 Penguin Disk to place at the top of the board and watch it bobble down into a slot that coordinates to a prize.  

Winnings can look like this:

For example, let’s say you choose 4 different carnival prizes / small toys to correlate to each number.

Prize Number 1 = Penguin Butter mint Candies
Prize Number 2 = Sticky Mittens  
Prize Number 3 = Whizzers
Prize Number 5 = Winter Mini Stuffed Animals

Note: Because there is only one #5 slot - that will coordinate to the slightly larger or more valuable prize. The other prizes will be considered small and inexpensive. 

Additional Hints & Tips:

This is a great game for a small carnival or better yet, a holiday classroom party and can be saved from year to year. 

This game will look very small at a larger event - so for any event with more than about 50 children attending, this game may look too small - even on a table.