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Holiday Can Knock Down

Holiday Can Knock Down - Game to Buy!


Holiday Themed Prizes makes this game fun!



This Game is BEST for Children Ages 3 - 7.


(Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a pyramid stack of Christmas decorated plastic cans and and bean bag knocking them over)

 Supplies for Knock Down Game:


bullet point 6 Empty* Tin Cans (rinsed out - keep at least top or bottom) 
bullet point Holiday Wrapping Paper (to decorate cans)
bullet point Clear Packing Tape to attach to cans
bullet point Bean Bags (we sell some below)
bullet point Small Table or Desk
bullet point Tablecloth cover (optional but looks great)
bullet point Stand Behind Lines - (blue tape works great indoors)
bullet point Prizes - We Love to see Holiday toys for this - consultation and top Prizes (as shown above)

Game Setup:

*Safety First - please make sure there are no sharp edges where the contents of the can were emptied out.

Note: Using a product from a can that is liquid is best - like coconut milk so it can be empties easily out of the cans.

Before your winter carnival - prepare your cans for this game by removing the product in each can and decorating. You can paint the cans or simply cover with wrapping paper taping to the can.

(We recommend removing the contents of the cans as they are very heavy and can hurt some toes if they are filled and fall off the table on someone's foot.

Find a small table and cover with a tablecloth cover. If you are outside, you may need to use tablecloth clips or tape to keep the tablecloth from blowing.

Next, stack the cans as shown in the image - (you can leave a an inch or two between the bottom cans if desired.)

How to Run the Holiday Knock Down Game:

Children are given 3 beanbags with a chance to knock down all 6 cans in 3 tosses.

Generally you will award a top prize if a player is able to knock down all cans in 3 tries. Otherwise, they receive a consolation prize. 

Additional Hints & Tips:

Because this game is made with plastic ends of cans and soft plastic around the middle, older kids can get too rough and throw the bean bags with such force to dent or break the cans! This game is great for your little ones - ages 3 - about 7 or 8 years.

This is a great game for a school classroom Holiday party!

If you are using this with children older than 7 years, require that they toss underhanded to even the playing field!  

Note: If you are playing outdoors, a breezy day can knock these cans over. So you may be best moving your game inside!