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Star Ring Toss

Carnival Game Idea – Starry Night Ring Toss!


Starburst Candies are a fun Consolation Prize!



Looks Great on a Black Background Too!


Short Video/Gif below shows rings being tossed on wooden stars.

Supplies for Starry Night Ring Toss:

bullet point Wooden Star Ring Toss Game with Rings made of rope
bullet pont Black or Midnight Blue colored tablecloth, cloth material or butcher paper (if indoors) to give the stars a "beautiful sky".
bullet point Gold/Silver mini Stars to add sparkle to the "sky" background - glue them down if outdoors! 
bullet point Box or boxes to give the game 2 different levels (as shown) 
bullet point Wide Masking Tape /Duct Tape to tape down cords or the edge of the starry night background.
bullet point Stand Behind Lines -  Sidewalk Chalk, Spray Paint (for grass), or Masking Tape (best used indoors) or Cones
bullet point Carnival prizes - consolation and winners prize

Optional - White Christmas Tree lights to resemble distant stars in the sky and (lights recommended for indoor booths). Also, for a really great look, add sheer black or midnight blue (as shown above) material over the lights to conceal the cords or poke holes in the material and have the just the lights showing on the background!!

Game Set Up:

Before the carnival, remove the wooden stars from the boxes and using the included screws, attach the poles.

Arrange your "sky background" and place your stars scattered in the carnival booth.

Place a box or boxes under the tablecloth to give your game 2 levels of stars (optional)

How to Play the Starry Night Ring Toss Carnival Game:

Players are given three rope rings for 3 chances to loop as many stars as they can! Of course, they are tossing the rope rings to try to get as many stars as possible.

Suggestions for prize winnings for your Star Ring Toss:

0 Stars = Consolation Prize
1 or 2 Stars = Middle Prize
3 Stars = Top Prize

Additional Hints & Tips:

This Starry Night Ring Toss game is fast and simple to setup and easy to store for next year’s carnival too! (If you want to store your game in a small space, you can remove the screws and store in the box in which it shipped)

Like all carnival games, we recommend you set this one up and test it out. You will want one in about 10 – 15 kids to loop all three stars in 3 tries, so have some volunteers try it out to make sure it is not too hard or easy.

Also, this game can be played by adults as well!