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Spin a Toy

Carnival Game Idea – Spin-A-Toy!


Numbers on Spinner Coordinate with the Board.



Lucky Winners Get to Choose A Top Prize!


Short video/gif below show kids lined up on a board waiting to win after a spin.

Supplies for Spin-A-Toy:

bullet point DIY Spinning Wheel with 8 – 15 Numbers -Or-  (Spinner Wheel to buy below!)
bullet pont A Long Wooden Board(s) 1 x 8 to equal about 12 feet long 
bullet pont Assorted Acrylic Paints (and shellac) and Stencils to decorate board to correspond to spinner 
bullet point 2 long tables – one as the "toy table" to display toys, one for the wooden number board
bullet point Assorted candies as consolation prizes (for safety – NO hard candies for safety of kids running around your event!)
bullet point A large variety of donated* toys (or purchased Top Prizes - see ideas below) generally worth about $3 - $5 dollars retail each*

Make This Game:

Well before your event, make your spinner (or purchase a spinner) and make your board to coordinate with your spinner. Let dry completely, and coat with clear shellac.

Game Setup:

 Set up your tables either end to end if you have 2 tables or in a "U" shape if you have three tables.

How to Play the Spin-A-Toy Carnival Game:

Children pay tickets (typically 4 - 6 tickets or what is equivalent to about $1.00 - $1.50) for a chance to be the winner of one toy from the toy table.

Children choose a number from the wooden board and stand in front of the number. Carnival volunteers put a piece of candy on the number the child has chosen to show the number is taken. After at least 6 children have chosen a number (10 or more for a larger board with 15 spaces), the carnival volunteer spins the wheel.

While the wheel is spinning, the volunteer encourages the children to cheer for their number. When the wheel comes to a complete stop, the winner is the child whose number matches the number on the wheel.

All children get to keep their consolation candy and the winner gets to choose a toy from the Spin-A-Toy Carnival Booth Winning Table.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: This carnival game is a favorite of children! When we visited a carnival at a neighboring school, the Spin-A-Toy Carnival Game had a line of children waiting to play! Many children would choose 2 numbers in hopes of increasing their chances to win. This school was charging $1.50 for each chance to win and up to 15 children could play at one time!

* One affluent school in our district sends home a note requesting each family to donate one toy for the Spin-A-Toy Carnival Game. If you feel like you have requested enough from each family in your school, you can also purchase wholesale carnival top prizes from our selection for about $1 each or less.