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Shark Attack Candy Necklaces (24 total necklaces in 2 bags) 68¢ each

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Shark Attack Candy Necklaces


Shark Attack Candy Necklaces are a perfect addition to the beach or pool party.  These fun candy necklaces are a super fun top prize at the Shark Tank Carnival Booth and more! A yummy candy necklace with the bonus of a shark tooth candy charm. 

Includes grape, blue raspberry and blueberry-flavored candies.  Individually wrapped.
1-ruler-size.jpgNecklace is 18" and 1 1/2" tooth.

Note: This necklace tangles easily in a treasure box, bin or basket. We recommend when you remove these necklaces from the package, lay them flat on a table or hang them up to prevent tangling.


 NOTE: To keep all our customers safe, we do not allow returns of candy or gum products.


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