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Rock Wall

Carnival Activity – Rock Wall!


Kids Love the Rock Wall Challange!



Boy climbing Rock Wall at a School Carnival.


Supplies for Rock Wall Carnival Activity:rock-climbing-carnival-activity-booth.jpg

bullet point A rented portable Rock Wall and Rock Wall Staff to assist climbers into the safety harnesses
bullet point A prearranged spot outside to set up the Rock Wall – normally on an area of grass

What You Need to Know about Renting a Rock Wall:

A portable Rock Wall is one of the latest carnival attractions available in recent years for school carnivals and other fundraising carnivals. Most portable Rock Walls allow several climbers to climb at one time. Each climber has a safety harness that slowly lowers the climber to the ground if they slip or when they reach the top of the Rock Wall.

Questions to Ask When Calling A Company for a Rock Wall Rental:

bullet point Date(s) Available and Cost 

bullet point Current Insurance Certification. You want to make sure the company has its own insurance against accidents. It is also a good idea to call the insurance company and verify that the insurance is in good standing.

bullet point Inclement Weather Policy. A few questions to ask in this section:

1. If the weather is so bad they do not come out to your location and must cancel all together. Do you get your deposit back or do they reschedule for another day? (Note: if they reschedule, that may work well if your PTA / PTO or school has another event like a field day or spaghetti supper where you can use another activity for the kids.

2. If the weather is "hit or miss" and they set up but the wall needs to be shut down early. Do they refund none, or part of the cost? If so what is their policy regarding different situations that can take place.

bullet point Location on your property they recommend for the Rock Wall.
Do they have requirements - must be on grass, must be on flat concrete, cannot be within so many feet of the building etc.

bullet point Check references and make sure the company has been reliable for others!

bullet point Will they need Volunteers?
Typically they will have trained staff to harness the children and follow specific safety guidelines. But, sometimes these rental companies want volunteers to assist with taking tickets, organizing the lines and more.

How to Run the Rock Wall Booth:

It is a good idea to set a “restart” limit or time limit for each climber. Talk to the Rock Wall Staff for their expertise and suggestions. For example, each climber has 3 tries to reach the top, but on the 4th slip, the climber must get back in line and allow another climber their turn. 

Anytime you can have an activity that the kids do not get to do everyday it keeps the carnival fresh and fun for all!

In addition, the Rock Wall Activity is a very large edifice, so it can advertise your carnival just from its sure large presence!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Because these rented Rock Walls can be fairly pricy, it is a good idea to have a few different carnival sponsors pay for this booth – allowing your school to collect all of the profits. We have seen schools charge up to $5 for each climber to take part in this carnival activity.