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Rocket Blast

Carnival Game Idea - Rocket Blast!


Foam Rockets are Best Suited for School Aged Kids.



Hula Hoops can Spin in a Breeze - Secure if needed.


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows several hoop rings on a rope hanging from a tree and a foam finger rocket flying through one.

Supplies for Rocket Blast:

bullet point Large Plastic Rings 
bullet pont Lightweight Netting attached to one side - optional (not shown)
bullet point Cord or String to hang the hoops 
bullet point Foam Finger Rockets (see below)
bullet point Strong Tape if hanging indoors
bullet point Table for Sign and Prizes (optional)
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point Carnival prizes - consolation, medium and top

Game Setup:

If outside, find a lone tree branch that will not have other branches with leaves to get in the way of the flying rockets. 

Using the string, hang your hula hoops from the branch. You can also hang hula hoops from each other as show in our picture.

If inside, you can hand the hula hoops from the celling using strong tape or other device to keep the hoops suspended. Be sure there is room behind the hoops so the kids have a target that allows the rocket to fly through the hoop.

Next, set up your "stand behind" lines so kids know where to stand to fly their rockets though the hoops.

How to Play the Rocket Blast Carnival Game:

Carnival players are given 3 Foam Rockets to try to shoot into the Hula Hoop.

0 rockets in the hoop = a consolation prize
1 - 2 rockets in the hoop = a medium prize
3 rockets in the hoop = a top carnival prize
You may wish to have some extra Foam Rockets for prizes - the kids really get a kick out of "blasting" the rockets off!

If you do not have nets attached to catch the rockets, volunteers will need to keep a close eye out to see what rockets make it through the hoops.

Of course, like all games we suggest you test it out. Make sure you can make the rockets fly far enough to make it through the targets!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: To make the foam rockets "blast off" carnival players make the rockets fly just like you would make a rubber band fly across the room.

Younger children (preschoolers in particular) may have trouble making the rockets fly, so this game is best for school aged children 6 years and up!

Check our our Short Video showing this fun game in action!