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Pumpkin Ring Toss

Harvest Festival Idea - Pumpkin Ring Toss!


Pumpkins with very Long Stems work Best!



Fall themed prizes are awesome for this game!


Supplies for Pumpkin Ring Toss:

bullet point Real Pumpkins with long stems (enough for a mini pumpkin patch)
bullet point Small Rope Rings or other pliable, smaller rings to toss (we used water filled bracelets -- see below)
bullet point Decorative leaves, fall flowers or small bale of hay for decorations (optional)
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point Stand Behind Lines
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation, and others (depending upon how you set up this carnival game) 

Game Setup:

Before the harvest festival, set up your pumpkin patch. You may wish to have 3 different "starting lines" to allow younger players to stand closer to "even the field" of this festival game.

How to Play the Pumpkin Ring Toss Game:

Players are given 3 rings to try the ring as many pumpkin stems as possible. You can pass out prizes based how many pumpkins your harvest festival players ring.

For example, if they ring no pumpkins, they receive a consolation prize. If they ring 1 - 2 pumpkins, they receive a medium prize and if they ring 3 pumpkins, they receive a top prize!

Like all our festival and carnival games, we recommend that you try it out for difficulty before your big event starts! If the game is too easy, you can move your lines farther back, if the game is too hard, move your lines closer.

Additional Hints & Tips:

This is a fairly challenging game – be sure the pumpkins have long stems – the straighter the better. A local grocery store may donate your pumpkins for your fundraiser fall carnival– ask now and tell them you will take the ones nobody else has chosen closer to your carnival. 

This is a fun game for teenagers and adults too! So if you are looking for something fall themed, this may be a perfect fit for a fall festival or Thanksgiving party too!

If your fall or harvest festival goes into dusk, you can play this game with Glow in the Dark Bracelets too!


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