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Plastic Soda Bottle Ring Toss Game (12 bottles, 12 rings 1 base)

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Carnival Game Set - Plastic Cola Ring Toss


Great for all ages and no worries about breakage - check out this fun Plastic Soda Bottle Ring Toss Game - carnival themed of course! This carnival game set comes with everything you need to play - the colorful cardboard base, 12 plastic bottles and 12 rings! Simple put together this set and get ready for some laughs! Kids and adults will enjoy this challenging game!

NOTE: The cardboard base must be put together. It will take about 10 - 15 minutes to fold up to look as shown in photo above - so allow some extra time before your carnival so you are not stressed out! :)

(Short Carnival Savers video/Jif shows Plastic Soda Ring Toss Game on a table and the object of the game is to toss a ring around for points.)

1-ruler-size.jpgPlastic Bottle Ring Toss Game set is 15" x 15"


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