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Long Arm Plush Reindeer (24 total animals in 2 bags) $1.64 each

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Long Arm Plush Reindeer - Holiday Stuffed Animal Wholesale


It wouldn’t be Christmas without some reindeer, and these adorable Long Arm Plush Reindeer are ready to come to your holiday even!. These long-armed plush Reindeer are so cute and come with assorted colored winter scarves! They have velcro type pads on their hooves and can hang around on display or happily on a tree or in a child's room! 

Short gif/video shows long armed reindeer and holiday stuffed animals hanging outside at a holiday event.

1-ruler-size.jpg Each happy reindeer is 11 inches long from the tips of their toes to the top of their hands - well... "hooves" in both cases! 




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