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Larger Pastel Easter Eggs (24 total eggs in 2 bags) 31¢ each

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Toddler Plastic Easter Eggs with Toddler Treats


Pastel Easter Eggs in a larger size are the perfect addition to this years egg hunt. These festive eggs are just slightly larger than your typical egg allowing for the addition of more sweet treats and are perfect for toddler egg hunts! Our treats included goldfish type crackers, toddler fruit snacks and ever cereal!
(We added crackers and cereal to snack size zipper bags to fill our Toddler Eggs in the second picture above.)

NOTE: Of course, if these eggs are used for toddlers, be sure to have an adult supervise children under 3 years at all time as these eggs can break and the pieces are a choking hazard.
1-ruler-size.jpg Each plastic egg is 3"



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