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Bunny Sticky Darts


Spring Carnival Game Idea - Easter Bunny Sticky Darts 


Easter Bunny Sticky Darts Supplies: 
Sticky Darts – (see a photo or order below).
Bunny Cardboard Standup - about 5 feet tall (sold below)
Colorful Glitter & Non-toxic Glue
Tape to mark a spot for different age children to stand to throw sticky darts
Prizes – consolation, and top prizes

How to Play Spring Bunny Sticky Darts Game:
Before the carnival, choose a spot that will be the "Bulls Eye" and add some colored glitter to the "Bulls Eye" spot - let dry completely.
(Hint:  the Bunny's Easter Egg makes a great "Bulls Eye" for this kid's game.)

To play the game, children are given three sticky darts to throw at the Bunny board.  If the child does not hit the Easter Egg, after 3 darts thrown, they receive a consolation prize.  If they throw the 3 darts and one (or more)sticks on the Easter Bunny's Egg, they are a winner and receive a top prize! 

Note about Sticky Darts: These small darts are sticky on the end and stick to just about anything!  They are reusable, but do become a little less sticky with each throw.  Count on using each dart about 20 - 25 times each.  If you are planning for a carnival we suggest placing a clean plastic table cloth if the darts should fall - to prevent them from lossing their stickiness!

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Some Fresh Spring Prizes for the Bunny Sticky Dart Kids Game!

sticky-darts.jpg cardboard-easter-bunny.jpg   build-a-bunny-stickers.jpg fluffy-chick-stuffed-animal.jpg
Sticky Darts 5 Foot Cardboard Easter Bunny   Build a Bunny Stickers Fluffy Chick Stuffed Animals