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Witches Brew


Halloween Carnival Game Idea -- Witches Brew Carnival Game


Carnival Game Supplies – Witches Brew Game:
6 Medium Sized Witches Cauldrons (see items below )
6 Frogs for tossing (you may wish to have some extras as prizes)
Plastic Cones or chalk to mark "stand behind lines"
Orange, Purple or Green material (optional)
Carnival Prizes - 4 - 6 different prizes of graduated value -- Halloween themed prizes or fall prizes are great fun!

How to Play the Halloween Witches Brew Game:
Before your event, place the witch cauldrons in a line about 6 inches apart.
Also, set up your stand behind line about a foot away from your first cauldron.

Players are given 6 stuffed frogs to toss into the witches cauldrons.
The players try to toss a frog into the "witches brew" in order -- starting with the closest
to the farthest. Once a frog is in the "witches brew" they move to the next pot.

How Players Win a Prize: 
0 - 1 Frogs into the brew = Consolation Prize
2 - 3 Frogs into the brew = Middle Prize
4 - 5 Frogs into the brew = Middle Prize
All 6 Frogs into the brew = Top Prize

Tip: For larger Halloween parties and Halloween Carnivals -- run two games at the same time!

Also -- Use the extra Medium Sized Witches Cauldrons as Prize Buckets for this and other carnival games too! 

Carnival Supplies for Witches Brew Halloween Carnival Game


 black-cauldren.jpg  stuffed animal free frog mini-bright-spiders.jpg  stuffed-scardy-cat.jpg
 Plastic Black Cauldron Neon Stuffed Frogs 
Mini Bright Spider Toy   Stuffed Scaredy Cat







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 Black Witches Plastic Black Cauldrons 

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minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

If you have different age children playing this fun Halloween game, be sure to have a few different "stand behind lines" so the little ones stand a foot or two closer to make this game easier for them!


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