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Free Halloween Game Ideas

Click to See More Games Below - Perfect for Kids, Teens and Adults!

  • boo-loon-pop-halloween-game-new.jpg


    BOO-Loon Pop!

    See all the step-by-step details to make this safer Halloween Game and how to play!

  • halloween-disc-drop-to-buy.jpg

    Disc Drop

    Game to Buy!

    This is a quick game that is great for smaller events! Even older kids love this Halloween Game!

  • ping-pong-pumpkin-easy-halloween-game-update-.jpg


    Ping Pong Pumpkin...

    This Halloween has been a favorite and looks great at night!! Click to see all the details here!

  • jumping-spider-new-fall-game.jpg

    DIY Game

    Jumping Spiders

    Watch kids try their luck at getting a spider to hang out on his web with this DIY Fall Game! Click to see more!

  • halloween-game-idea-new-update-witches-brew.jpg

    Witches' Brew

    Unique Halloween Game 

    Newly updated for 2019! Quick and easy and can be played indoors or out! See all the game details for Witches' Brew Kids Halloween Game!

  • spiders-web-fall-game-fav.jpg

    Spider's Web

    A Favorite

    Kids try toss "Bugs" through the Spiders Webs into buckets to win! See all the details of this popular Spiders Web Game

  • tonic-toss-halloween-game.jpg

    Tonic Toss

    Great for all Ages!

    Check out this kid, teen & adult Halloween Game - everyone will have a blast! See how you make it glow!

  • glowing-ghosts-diy-halloween-game-idea.jpg

    Glowing Ghosts

    Super Fast & Easy!

    Grab 4 empty milk jugs, hula hoops & click to see how we make these ghosts glow in this DIY Halloween Game!

  • hay-stack-find-game.jpg


    Fun Search...

    Pile up some hay and follow these simple rules to make this fall hay game lots fun! See this 1 tip to make this booth bales of fun!

  • halloween-removable-tattoos-idea.jpg

    Face Paint

    Cheap Halloween Fun

    Kids, teens & adults love to add removable tattoos! See our hints & tips to set up this Halloween booth in a jiffy!

  • frightful-fish-halloween-game-idea.jpg


    Great Game for Nighttime! 

    Don't miss our Halloween twist on a favorite Carnival Game. We added underwater lights and more!

  • hocus-pocus-kids-halloween-game.jpg

    Hocus Pocus

    "Floating Hats" Game

    Kids will have a blast tossing rings on these witches hats! Click to see how to!

  • pumpkin-spin-a-prize.jpg

    Spin a Prize

    So Fun for a Large Event!

    This pumpkin themed game is great for large and small events - see our alternate directions for this easy game!

  • pennant-banner-decoration-.jpg

    Flag Decor

    100 Feet of Color!

    Our secret for decorating large outdoor events fast and on a budget? Simple... add pennant banners for less than $10!

  • pumpkin-bean-bag-toss-to-buy.jpg

    Bean Bag Toss

    Quick & Easy!

    Set up this Jack O Lantern Bean Bag Toss in minutes and young kids will stand in line to win a top prize!

  • halloween-spooky-lollipop-tree.jpg

    Spooky Tree

    Unique Game

    This creepy Lollipop Tree is PERFECT for Halloween! Check out this DIY "Sweet" Halloween Game for your Trunk or Treat or Festival!

  • pumpkin-pop-fall-game.jpg

    Soda Toss

    Add a Fall Flair 

    Add this Pumpkin Pop Ring Toss for a quick and easy game your crowd will love at your Harvest Fest or Trunk or Treat!! 

  • easy-halloween-game-monster-knock-down.jpg

    Crazy Cans

    Game to Buy

    This is best for little ones or for a backyard Halloween Party Game! Click to learn more!