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Grab Apple

Grab Apple Fall Game Idea - Bobbing for Apples Alternative!


This Game Can Be Played as a Matching Game.



Nets for Game - Reminds Folks "NO Bobbing"!



Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows fishing for plastic apples with a small net and popping them open to match the erasers for a top prize

Supplies for Grab Apple Game:

bullet point 1 Large Pails or Bucket to Hold Apples and Water 
bullet point 24 - 48 or More Plastic Apples for Floating (a larger carnival will need more)
bullet point Important: "Heavy Small Toys" to Keep Apples Weighted and FLOATING RIGHT SIDE UP (see examples below)
bullet point Sturdy Table for holding bucket and supplies
bullet point 3 or more Small Nets for "Grabbing" the Apples
bullet point Table decorations such as table cloth and sign (optional)
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation, and top prizes
bullet point Slips of paper saying "top prize" for the number of top prizes that do not fit into the apples 

(Important: see suggestions below - the apples must have a heavy type "weight" or prize inside to prevent them from floating upside down)

Game Setup: 

Before the Fall Festival, set up your table and fill the large pail or bucket with water about 3/4 of the way full.

Count out your top prizes and make slips of paper for each top prize that will not fit into an apple.
Also, be sure to purchase some "heavy" small prizes so the apples will float right side up. (We show some examples below.)

Fill your apples with small prize and a few slips of paper for the top prizes. For example, if you have 24 stuffed animals, have 24 slips of paper that say "Top Prize - You win a Stuffed Animal". You will put some in the apples in the beginning of the carnival, but be sure to save some back so there are still top prizes to be won later during your festival!

Suggested "Heavy Small Toys" to keep apples right side up in water: (See Below)

  • Owl Erasers

  •  Apple Erasers

  • Colorful Poppers

As the kids play the game, the keep the prizes inside the apples, but return the empty apples back to the volunteers to be filled again!

How to Play the Grab Apple Game Carnival Game:

There are two ways to set up this game for play:

#1 - Make this game a game of chance

 Each carnival player is given a net to scoop up the apple of their choice. They get to keep the prize that is inside the apple. Some apples may have slips of paper that say "top prize" for larger items that will not fit into the plastic apple.

#2. Make this game a matching game

Each player is given 3 chances to find a match inside the apples. When filling the apples, you will choose some of the suggested prizes above like the fruit erasers. So the children have 3 tries to pick two apples that have matching erasers inside. If they find a match, they win a top prize, otherwise they receive a consolation prize.  

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: This is an excellent alternative to bobbing for apples game. Moms will be happy this is a less "germy" way to play the original game!

Children get to keep the prize in the apple but RETURN the apple back to the booth so the volunteers can fill the apples with more prizes for the next group of players.

Note: this is a super easy game that young children can play as well as older children! The secret of this game is to display your top prizes (as shown in the photo above) so kids know they have a chance to win something really cool!!