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Fall Face Painting

Fall Festival Activity Idea: Fall Removable Tattoos!


Display Face Designs using Poster Board folded in half!



Removable Tattoos are Easy to Apply & Remove!


Supplies for Fall Removable Tattoos Booth:fall-festival-face-painting-on-girl.jpg

bullet point Removable Tattoos (one or more for each child)
bullet point Unscented Baby Wipes
bullet point Extra Water 
bullet point Small Trash Can
bullet point Table and chairs for volunteers and children
bullet point Tablecloth and decorations (optional but really attracts kids to this booth)
bullet point  "Example Board" to Show Tattoo Designs to Kids (Poster board folded in half with tattoos works great)

Booth Setup:

Before your festival, organize washable tattoos in a container plastic container with dividers or envelope.

Using a Poster Board folded in half, attach an example of the different designs of face painting removable tattoos you have so children can choose their favorite design. and set up your "Tattoo Example Board" so children know what designs they can choose.

Set out a table and chairs for the volunteers and the children who are looking for temporary tattoos.

How to Run the Fall Removable Tattoos Carnival Booth:

Children pay tickets to have volunteers add a washable decoration to their cheek, arm or back of hand.

Easy Steps to Applying Removable Tattoos:

1. Remove tattoo from plastic sleeve
2. Peel off the clear protective cover from the tattoo.
3. Place the tattoo (decoration side down) on the child's skin. (the tattoo is a little sticky and should stick where you place it)
(Note: the skin should be clean and dry - so water, sweat or freshly applied sunscreen could prevent the tattoo from sticking to the skin)
4. Using a very wet baby wipe, gently press on the back of the tattoo for 30 - 45 seconds completely soaking the backing paper.
5. Slowly peel up one edge of the tattoo making sure it has adhered to the skin. You are done with your fast, easy face painting!

Follow this Easy Trick to Quickly Remove Kids Tattoos:

Using ordinary household tape (the tape you use to wrap presents works great), simply stick the tape on the temporary tattoo and the tattoo sticks to the tape and comes right off the skin with no scrubbing!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: If it is not windy or breezy on the day of your fall festival, go ahead and lay out some tattoos on the table and let the children choose their designs and hand to the volunteers!