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Lucky Key

School Carnival Game Idea – Lucky Key!


OLD Keys for this Game - 2 - 3 that unlock the door.



This Game is Best For School-Aged Children.


Supplies for Lucky Key:lucky-key-homemade-carnival-game.jpg

bullet point A pre-hung thin wooden door with a locking handle (See our example above – this door is on a frame and great fun at an outdoor fundraising carnival)
bullet point Extra 2 x 4 Lumber Boards to extend the frame to make this game stable
bullet point Paint and a creative person to add a fun design to your door 
bullet point Large Sacks of Sand to weight down the frame and prevent from tipping over
bullet point 1 – 3 Keys that unlock the door
bullet point 12 - 20 Keys that do not unlock the door handle
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation prizes and a top carnival prizes

Make This Game:

You may be fortunate enough to find a pre-hung thinner door at a garage sale or other discount for this game.

Starting with the pre-hung wooden door, an adult with woodworking tools will need to make adjustments to the door frame to ensure that it is stable and can be used for the game as shown in the images.

Finally, have your creative volunteer give this door a fresh coat of paint and adding a fun decoration is festive too!

Game Setup for the Lucky Key Game:

This unique homemade carnival game is a game of chance. Before the carnival, decide how difficult you want this game. If you have a really nice top carnival prize, make the chances of winning a little harder with having 2 keys that unlock the door and 18 keys that do not work. (this give the kids a 1 in 10 chance of winning)

How to Play the Lucky Key Carnival Game:

Carnival players get to pick 3 keys and try each key to see if it unlocks the door. (Carnival volunteers may need to help children with direction of keys and show them how to unlock the door). If the player unlocks the door, they get the top carnival prize, if none of the keys work, they receive a consolation prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: A neighboring school allowed our school to borrow this cute door on a frame. It is a fantastic idea to contact schools close to yours to swap out carnival games with each other. Sharing carnival games saves money, storage and time! The Lucky Key Carnival Game sounds like a boring game – but the kids love it!!

You can decide how difficult this is by choosing how many keys unlock the door and how many do not work. If the game is a little easier – choose medium priced carnival prizes. If the game is more difficult (1 in 12 chance of winning or so – you can choose a nicer top carnival prize.