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Lucky Leaf

Fall Festival Game Idea - Lucky Leaf!


Painted Ceramic Leaf Shaped Bowls for Game!



Hang Your Prizes for the kids to see!


(Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows fall color leaf shaped saucers arranged on table and a coin tossed in.)


Supplies for Lucy Leaf Game:

bullet point 24 - 36 Leaf Shaped Ceramic Plates or Bowls (or poster board die-cut and painted leafs) - *see tip below to save money
bullet point Assorted acrylic paints in fall leaf colors
bullet point Metallic Gold Paint for winning leaves 
bullet point 50 - 75 Pennies and a small container to keep them
bullet point Table for the game 
bullet point Artificial grass (optional) or green tablecloth
bullet point Ticket Box and Sign for Booth and decorations
bullet point Top and consolation fall festival prizes. 

Game Setup:

Days or weeks before your fall event, get ready to paint your leafs for your game. Set aside about 10% - 15% of your leafs to be the "gold leaves" which are the winning leaves.

For example, if you have 36 leaves, set aside 4 or 5 leaves to paint solid gold to be the winning leaves.

Pro Tip: If a classroom has adopted this booth, have the children each paint a leaf mark out the space where you will spread the hay. This activity can be set up on the ground or on tables so see setup based on how you will run this activity below.

How to Play the Lucky Leaf Game:

Players are given three pennies for a chance to toss a penny into one of the gold painted leaves.

Kids toss the pennies and try to get them to land on one of the gold leaves for a top prize. if they do not, they receive a consolation prize. When we helped out at this booth, some of the players landed in 2 fall leaves (not gold) and we allowed them to have a top prize as they did a great job. Be sure to set up your rules before you play so the kids know what they are striving for.

Also, as always, the younger children should be able to stand a little bit closer to "even the score"! 

Additional Hints & Tips:

*Want to save money on this game? You could do the same game without the ceramic leaf bowls. Simply use laminated, card stock die cut leaves! You could even have the kids use watercolors to decorate the leaves, then laminate them after fully dry and use them for the game. The pennies would still work the same, they just would not be a likely to bounce around as much as they do on the ceramic leaves  but this is a great idea for saving money at a Fall Festival!