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Leap Frog

DIY Carnival Game Idea - Leap Frog!


You Can Also Design Your Game in 2 Pieces.



See Details Below for Supplies Needed.


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows froggy catapult. Rubber frogs being catapulted onto a green platform.

Supplies for Leap Frog Game: leap-frog-game-steps.jpg

bullet point Stuffed Toy Frogs or Flashing Frogs (these have some weight)
bullet pont 1/2  inch thick Plywood and Wood Working Supplies (saw, drill) 
bullet point 2 x 4 wood planks (One about 18 inches long, and another about 6 inches long)
bullet point Metal Slotted Angle Bracket (cut with hacksaw to 4 inches to fit board)
bullet point 2 sturdy hinges, several screws and bolts 
bullet point Rubber Mallet
bullet point Table* (optional - but less bending over for adults) *Adjustable table is best
bullet point Carnival Prizes including consolation prize choice and top prizes


Make This DIY Leap Frog Game:

Click to download our Step-by-Step Leap Frog Game Instructions Sheet!

A great carnival-style game for kids - what child doesn't want to take a rubber mallet and hit something and make a toy fly through the air?!?

The key to making this game is to make sure that there are two moving pieces to make sure the FROG goes forward instead of straight up in the air or back to the player.

The longer piece of wood (the one the player hits) is acting like a See-Saw.

There are dozens of ways to construct this, but we are showing you one way to make this work!

The smaller plank of 2 x 4 wood will overlap the larger piece and be attached to the game with a sturdy hinge. 

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, set up a "pond" with your fake lily pad and a pretend alligator (optional). 

How to Play the Leap Frog Game:

Players are given 3 stuffed animal frogs to try to land on as many "Lily pads" as possible.

Every time a frog lands on a Lily pad it counts as a point. Every time a frog lands on the alligator it subtracts a point. Children get a carnival prize based on how many total points they have after all their bean bag frogs have "leaped."

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note:Some schools in our area uses some handmade "frog launchers" that children hit with a light-weight mallet to make the frogs leap through the air to try to land on a lily pad.

Have a handy wood worker help with a design but always design with the safety of children first - have an adult oversee the rubber mallet or something that could be hit with such force the flying frog could hurt a young child.

The photo above was constructed for our school carnival. The kids had a ball hitting the mallet to make the frog jump to the lilly pad.