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Spooky Lollipop Tree

DIY Spooky Lollipop Tree - Halloween Game Idea!


Lollipop in Tree Close Up



Kids love to play this Halloween Game!


(Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a cardboard spooky tree with lollipops for a Halloween game)

Supplies for DIY Spooky Lollipop Tree:

bullet point 1 Cardboard Standup Halloween Tree  - We are sorry - this has been discontinued due to supply chain issues
bullet point Drill with drill bit slightly larger than lollipop sticks
bullet point Weighted Base and pole - (VERY IMPORTANT if used outside to prevent from blowing over)
bullet point Ticket Box & Game Sign
bullet point Lollipops - enough for each player (sometimes players play more than once!)
bullet point Different food colors, stamp pads or permanent markers to mark end of lollipop sticks
bullet point Top Prizes and/ or Medium Prizes 

Game Setup:

*This Cardboard Stand Up Spooky Tree was turned into a Lollipop Tree in a few minutes using a drill (or other sharp item) by adults ONLY to poke the holes for the lollipops.

We tested putting holes in this tree and we found it is best to keep the LOLLIPOPS ON THE THICKER TRUNK / BRANCHES!
NOTE: if not, the weight of the lollipops will make the thinner branches bend and they will otherwise need support.

First, open up your box, remove your tree, unfold and punch out the precut areas for your tree. Next, drill holes in the trunk and thicker branches (about an inch apart)

Before your carnival or festival count your top and/or medium prizes and place a color (to coordinate with your prizes) on the bottom of some of your lollipops.

For example: If you have 24 Stuffed Spooky Cats as the Top Prize and 48 Skeleton Hand Clappers as the Medium Prize then you would mark the end of 24 suckers with a black color and 48 with a purple color and leave the rest unchanged.

If your tree does not hold all of your lollipops be sure to save some of the winning lollipops for later in your carnival so you do not run out of prizes in the first hour!

How to Play the Spooky Lollipop Tree Game:

Players are able to choose their favorite lollipop! If the lollipop DOES NOT have a special color on the end of the stick, they get to keep the pop as their prize.

If the sucker they choose, has a colored "dot" on the end of the stick, then the player gets to keep the lollipop AND they receive the prize that coordinates with the colored dot.

NOTE: It's a great idea to make signs for your game so kids know what the colored dot they are trying to find!

Also, with this game, make sure to only color the end of the stick as kids may "peek" to try to find the winning pops as they can see a little glimpse if they look carefully around this tree!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: If your top prize is really exciting to kids, be prepared to know many children will choose to play more than one time in hopes of winning the top prize.

Young children love to play - so be sure you have some toddler prizes like animal crackers or toddler gummies to keep everyone safe!