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Halloween Knock Down

Halloween Carnival Game for Kids: Can Knock Down Game!


Easy Setup and Storage for Next Year Too.



This Game is Best For Younger Children.


Supplies for Halloween Can Knock Down Game:easy-halloween-game-for-kids-.png

bullet point Monster Can Knock Down Set (includes 6 cans and 3 beanbags) See Below
bullet point Small table or tables (Round seem to work best!)
bullet point Tablecloth (optional)
bullet point Ticket Box & Game Sign
bullet point Sidewalk Chalk or Foot Traffic Cones to make lines or starting areas for different age children to play the game
bullet point Halloween Prizes or Monster themed prizes (see below) are fun for this booth! You need top prizes and consolation prizes for this booth.

Game Setup:

Before the Halloween Party, test this game for difficulty and place “stand behind” lines or hula hoops for different age children using sidewalk chalk, tape, small traffic cones or hula hoops.

How to Play the Halloween Can Knock Down Carnival Game:

Each player is given three bean bags to toss per game. Halloween game players win prizes based upon how many plastic cans they knock down in 3 tosses of the bean bags.

Note: This set only comes with 3 bean bags. Typically we suggest a minimum of 6 bean bags so your volunteers are not spending all their time bending over to pick up the beanbags to give to the next player.

If you are hosting a large event consider buying another set of bean bags to make the game move along faster.

Like all other school and church kids’ carnival games, everyone at least wins a consolation prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

What a perfect game for a backyard Halloween carnival party!! If this game is for a larger Halloween Party, you may consider buying 2 sets and have them running at the same time!

Also, this game is great for all age kids but please follow these 3 tips for children who are about 8+ years old.

1. Tell older kids that in order to win - all cans must be knocked off the table or the stand to win a top prize. 
2. It is allow a good idea to - just be sure to move your lines back for the older kids!
3. If you have larger bean bags, have your order children use the smaller bean bags as they have more muscle and can dent these plastic/laminated paper decorated cans!

If you have a Halloween Party just for older kids (ages 12 and up) - consider using the Baseball Throw Carnival Game instead.