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Hocus Pocus

Halloween Game Idea: Hocus Pocus!


Loop Rings fly like Frisbees - Best for Older Kids.



Kids Always Love Stuffed Animals as a Top Prize!



(Short Carnival Savers video/Jif shows 6 black witch hats arranged in a triangle on the floor with rings tossed around them for points.)

Supplies for Hocus Pocus:

bullet point 6 Witches Hats (and stuffing to keep the top point)
bullet point 6 Mini Colorful Cones (to keep the hats in place)
bullet point Stand behind lines (We used a pennant decoration supported by buckets with weights and balloon sticks)
bullet point 12 or More Rings to Toss
bullet point Ticket Box & Game Sign
bullet point Consolation Prizes and Top Prizes for the winners

Game Setup:

This game is fast to setup before your event. Simply place six cones on the ground as shown in our image and add a witches hat (stuffed with tissue or even a crumbled up brown paper sack) on top of each cone.

Next, you will want to set up a stand behind line. We used a halloween pennant banner (sorry, this item has been discontinued), but we have a witches silhouette pennant banner (shown below) that you can string across the front of your game using weighted buckets with balloon sticks as the support.

Just like all of our games - we recommend you set up the game and test it out before the kids start arriving to play!

How to Play the Hocus Pocus Carnival Game:

Players are given 3 Rings with a chance to hoop the top of as many witches hats as possible!

Basically, you can set up the winning however you want, but you may wish to give higher points if a child hoops the witch's hat a the back of the game or as shown below.

0 rings on hats = a consolation prize
1 - 2 rings on hats = a medium prize
3 rings on hats = a top prize

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: The Loop Rings are a real challenge as they fly like frisbees and are difficult to get loop a witches hats!

If this game is for younger children (preschool to under 8 years old) you may wish to use larger tossing rings that are easier to toss!

Older children and teens really enjoy carnival games that require skill to win - so this is a great Halloween game for teens too!