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Giant Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

DIY Fall Festival Game - Giant Pumpkin Bean Bag 


Allow preschool children to stand much closer!


Carnival Game size does matter! 


Short Carnival Savers video/gif of a large wooden board painted with pumpkins and holes carved out with a child tossing bean bags through.

Supplies for Giant Fall Festival Bean Bag Toss:

bullet point 1 piece 8ft x 4ft plywood (generally 1/2 inch thick)
bullet point Assorted Fall Acrylic Paints and brushes for the design
bullet point Woodworking supplies (like jigsaw) to cut holes for game
bullet point 12 or more Bean Bags for tossing
bullet point Booth Sign & Ticket Box
bullet point Bungee Cords for securing game to pole or tree if outside
bullet point Fall Carnival Prizes - generally a top prize and a consolation prize

Make This Game:

A week or more before your fall festival, paint your board with acrylic paints to resemble a fall theme - feel free to mimic our board if you like. 

Note: most acrylic paints will allow some of the blemishes of the board to show through - don't worry about it - the board will still look great. 

Take a closer look at our board in the pictures above and you'll see imperfections. If you don't want to see those - add a base coat of primer or two or more coats to give a perfect look to your game.

You will want to have at least one "stand behind" line. We have used plastic cones or chalk.

Game Setup:

Before your festival, set up your large board leaning on a strong tree trunk or pole if outside, or against a wall in indoors. You can add the prizes and sometimes we have seen bales of hay for an extra nice touch!

Feel free to set up this game and test the bean bags and the stand for difficulty and place “stand behind” lines for different age children using sidewalk chalk or tape.


Important: For this large DIY game, be sure to secure the game to a pole or a tree 
using bungee cords to prevent a breeze from knocking the board over!

How to Run this Booth:

Kids are given 3 bean bags for a chance to get one through one of your cutouts.

Children are given three bean bags to toss per game.Depending on the setup of this Fall game, they win prizes based upon how many bean bags make it into the mesh holder and total number of points earned.

Of course, every carnival player wins a consolation prize!

How Players win a Prize:

0 Bean Bags = Consolation Prize
1 - 2 Bean Bags = Top Prize
All Three Bean Bags (very rare for anyone to achieve this) = Grand Prize (optional)

Additional Hints & Tips:

This Fall Festival Game is Large but flat and can easily be stored in a large storage closet or a shed for next year. You can even paint a different design on the backside so it can be used as a bean bag toss at a springtime event too!

We have seen some schools and churches share some large games when their events are not the same weekend! So spread the word if you make this game so more folks can enjoy the fun!