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Frog in the Bog

Spring Carnival Game Idea - Frog in the Bog!


DIY Game Uses Craft Supplies & Mini Pails.



Add a Hula Hoop to Keep Lily Pads in the Middle.


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows Frogs on Floating Lily Pads during the playing of this game.


Supplies for Frog in the Bog Game:

bullet point 12 - 24 Floating Frogs on Lily Pads Craft
bullet pont 12 - 24 Table Tennis Balls
bullet pont 12 - 24 Mini Pails to add to each Lily Pad
bullet point 12 - 24 Kids Insect or Butterfly Tattoos to Add to the Balls
bullet point 1 Duck Pond Pool or Toddler Pool 
bullet point 1 Hula Hoop and 3 Clean Plastic Cups (To keep Frogs in the Center of the Pool)
bullet point Water hose (or another method) to add some water to the pool
bullet point Hot Glue Sticks and Glue Craft Gun to Add Mini Pails to Lily Pads
bullet point Stand Behind Lines (plastic cones, sidewalk chalk or pool noodle cut in half)
bullet point Consolation, Medium and Top Carnival Prizes 

Make This DIY Game:

Before your spring event, put the Frog Craft together following the easy directions included. Have some kids help you as a fun activity.

Also you will want to keep your Frogs on Lily pads in the center of the pool. The easy way to do this is to hot glue clear plastic 9 ounce cups evenly spaced to the bottom of the Hula Hoop. (See the video above)

Next, apply a washable insect tattoo to each Ping Pong type ball for the tossing ball supply.

Now you are ready for the setup. 

NOTE: These steps are simple - but we know how hectic the few days before the carnival can be - so we recommend that you make this game a week or more before your event!

Game Setup:

Simply fill your pool with a few inches of water to make sure the frogs are floating but not so much where the hula hoop is floating - to keep the frogs in the middle of the pond.

Next, add the floating lily pads to the pond with the attached mini pails

Have a bucket to keep the "insect" tossing balls ready for players.

Note: Children should be attended at ALL TIMES when around any water activity or toy.

How to Play This Easy Spring Carnival Game:

Players are handed 3 insect-decorated tossing balls.

The object of the game is to land at least one ball into a pail on the floating frog lily pads.

The more insects you get in a mini floating pail, the nicer prize the player receives.

Our suggestion to pass out winnings:

0 or 1 Bug in Mini Pails = a consolation prize
2  Bugs in Mini Pails = a medium prize
3  Bugs in Mini Pails = a top prize

Additional Hints & Tips:

Of course, this can easily be setup and played inside in a school hallway or gym too! 

This is a fantastic game for School Spring Carnivals and Easter Egg Hunts too! We love that the buckets stack for storage and of course, the large leaves store flat. This simple DIY game can be used for years to come!