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Go Fishing

Carnival Booth Idea - Fishing Booth!


This Booth is Made Using 3 Pieces of Plywood & Hinges.



This Booth Has a Canapy to Shade Volunteers.



Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows a young boy with a fishing line over a booth painted with fish and whale pictures fishing for a prize.

Supplies for the Fishing Booth:

bullet point 3 Bamboo Poles, about 3 - 4 feet in length
bullet point 3 yards of string
bullet point 3 Clothespins
bullet point Handmade Fishing Poles - (Short Pole with about 1 yard of string attached to the pole with a clothespin at the end to act as a "safe hook")
bullet pont Booth made to act as a "screen" (plywood pieces with hinges and paint, or a wooden frame decorated with a blue sheet) that children will toss their "hooks" over to "fish"
bullet point  2 - 3 chairs for volunteers adding prizes on "hooks"
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point Carnival Prizes - generally a variety of small - medium prizes. Fish or ocean themed carnival prizes are most fun for this booth!

Make This Game:

Days or weeks before your carnival you can make your handmade Fishing Poles for players to use. Remember, these are for younger children, so they need to be small in size! Using a short bamboo pole, attach about 1 yard of string to the end of the fishing pole and make a "safe hook" with the clothespin on the end.

Next, you will need to construct the fishing booth itself that will include some type of a screen so that volunteers can sit behind and add prizes to the fishing lines that are dropped over.

One of our images above, shows a Fishing Booth made of 3 large pieces of plywood - click here to see a full size picture.

Game Setup:

Before your carnival, set up your booth and have a few volunteers "behind the scenes" who will add prizes on the "hook" and at least one other who will give children the fishing pole and take tickets and hand out the fishing poles etc.

When the children drop over their lines, then volunteers can clip on a prize and give a tug to the pole to let kids know they made a "catch"!

It is always a great idea to share this booth with other non-profits in your area as long as your carnivals are not on the same day.  

Typically it is a great idea to spread these community events out throughout the year as kids from different schools are happy to visit neighboring school carnivals and support others in their area too!

How to Play the Fishing Booth Carnival Game:

Children are given a fishing pole by a volunteer and they toss their "hook" over the screen.

Volunteers hidden behind the screen clip on a prize and then give the line a few tugs. 

Children "reel in" their prize by pulling their line back over the screen. (Volunteers on the front side of the game may need to assist children with getting the string and the prize back over the screen)

Additional Hints & Tips:

Helpful Hint: Make sure their poles and lines are not too long - they only need to be 2 - 3 feet in length. Practice with a few children of different ages to see what works best.

Safety: This is a booth that young children enjoy as well - Use a special colored and labeled pole for the toddlers. Be sure you have some prizes safe for the little folks - individually packaged fish crackers are perfect for toddlers!

This is a DIY or Homemade Game that is very popular with school carnivals! The images we show are booths that different school have made and use year after year for their fishing booths. 

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