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Fall Festival Small Toys and Prizes 13¢ each (1032 total Fall Toys)

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Fall Themed Bulk Small Toys


Wow - save BIG on your FALL EVENT!! Carnival Savers has a fun mixture of small toy favorites and fall-themed prizes perfect for fall festivals, carnival prizes, Trunk or Treat, Halloween alternative events, and more! Our bulk fall-themed small toys set includes lots of pumpkins, spiders, owls, frogs ,footballs and other fun small toys perfect for this fall! Themed prizes at a rock bottom price and fast, easy shopping for you too!

Note #1: This fall assortment does NOT include typical Halloween items like witches, ghosts, eyeballs, skulls, monsters etc.


When You Order a Fall Themed Small Toys and Prizes Box - 
See What You Get Below!

This Fall Festival Small Toys Package includes: (Updated Sept. 7th 2018)
Glitter Smile Rings (48/package)
Fall Tattoos (72/package)
Finger Traps (72/package)
Make a Pumpkin Sticker Sheets (12/package) Quantity 3
Mini Owl Erasers (24/package)
Mini Vinyl Frogs (72/package)
Flying Dragonflies (12/package) Quantity 5
Neon Spin Tops (48/package)
Fall Leaves Pinwheels (36/package)
Rubber Apple Bracelets (24/package) Quantity 2
Sticky Pumpkins (72/package)
Mini Hand Clappers (48/package)
Owl Notepads (24/package)  
Fall Stampers (24/package) 
Pumpkin Magic Springs (12/package) Quantity 4
Jumping Spiders (144/package)
Chinese Paper Yo-yos (12/package) Quantity 4
Note: If an item above is sold out - don't worry - we will substitute a similar item of equal or greater value! :)

When You order 2 Fall Themed Small Toys and Prizes Boxes - 
Your 2nd Box will include the items below: We like to send more variety :)

Metal Cut Diamond Rings (48/package)
Glitter Leaf Tattoos (72/package)
Mini Porcupine Balls (72/package)
Pumpkin Patch Scratch & Reveal Sheets (12/package) Quantity 3
Apple Erasers (24/package)
Spider Spin Tops (72/package)
Spongy Pencil Grips (48/package) 
Smile Face Puzzle Rings (72/package)
Sticky Frogs (48/package)
Football Stress Balls (12/package) 
Football Sticker Sheets (12/package) Quantity 2
Vinyl Insects (48/package)
Mini Glider Assortment (72/package)
Orange Bead Necklaces (48/package)
Disc Shooters (48/package) 
Fall Stampers (24/package)
Deluxe Body Jewels (12/package) Quantity 2
Cup & Ball Game (48/package)
Back Scratches (72/package)
Fall Sticker Roll (100/roll)
Silly Monster Bookmarks (48/package)



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