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Emoji Bucket Ball

Easy Carnival Game Idea - Emoji Bucket Ball!



Supplies for Emoji Bucket Ball Game:

bullet point 6 - 12 Emoji Pails or Buckets or 
bullet point 12 Plastic Sand Pails with Emoji Faces Drawn with Permanent Marker 
bullet point 12 or more Yellow Tossing Balls or plastic hollow softballs
bullet point 12 Large Rocks or, if hot outside, water to weight buckets
bullet point Stand behind Lines (drawn with sidewalk chalk) or colorful cones
bullet point Ticket Booth and Carnival Game Sign
bullet point Carnival Prizes - small or medium stuffed animals are a favorite for this game and consolation prizes too!

Super Easy Game Setup:

Before the carnival, set up your buckets in the shape shown above - with 4 buckets on the front row, 3 on the second row, 2 on the third row and 1 on the last row. These should be in a pyramid type shape.

(Note: if you want to use only 6 buckets, you can do so with with 3 on the first row, two on the second row and one on the last row)

Choose your stand behind line - typically we recommend 2 or three different lines depending on the variety of ages playing the game. 

How to Play the Emoji Bucket Ball Game:

There are myriads of ways to assign winners to this game.

Please choose the method you wish to use before your carnival so players know how to win!

For example, when we tested out this game children are given 3 lightweight balls to toss try to toss into the buckets.

We assigned the 3 center buckets (farthest away from the players) to be the "winning buckets".

Children had three chances to toss a ball and have it stay in one of the three buckets at the back of the pyramid of emoji pails.

If they tossed all three balls and did not get one of the "winning buckets" they received a consolation prize. 

Prize Example for "Winning Buckets":

0 Balls in Winning Buckets = consolation prize
1 or more Balls in Winning Buckets = top prize

Another way to award prizes would be based on the amount of balls stay in any buckets.

Prize Example for Amount of Buckets:

0 Balls in Buckets = consolation prize
1 Ball in Buckets = medium prize
2 - 3 Balls in Buckets = top prizes

Note: it would be very unusual for anyone to have all three tosses end up in a bucket - so allowing two buckets as a top prize is a great choice for a fundraising carnival.

Additional Hints & Tips:

This was a fun and inexpensive game to set up at a carnival and the kids loved playing. Even toddlers were able to have a go at winning!

Because there is a lot of bending to pick up the balls that don't make it into the buckets, be sure to have teen volunteers at this booth if possible so your mature volunteers are not worn out chasing up balls!

Supplies & Prizes for the EMOJI BUCKET BALL CARNIVAL GAME!

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