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Feed the Elephant

Carnival Game Idea – Feed the Elephant !


bean-bags-for-game.jpgAdd "X's" and "O's" to Bean Bags for 2 Players.



closeup-tic-tac-toe-board.jpgAdd a Few "X's" and "O's" to the Board for 1 Player.



Supplies for Feed the Elephant Game:

bullet point Handmade Elephant (made from cut plywood on a frame) with flexible hose trunk – (see example in our photo)
bullet pont Bag of Peanuts in their shells
bullet point Carnival Prizes – that will fit down the “trunk” of the elephant

Make This Game:


Game Set Up:



How to Play the Feed the Elephant Carnival Game:

Carnival players pick up a peanut and put into the elephant's trunk. They lift the trunk so the elephant can “eat the peanut” and then lower the trunk to wait for their prize. The carnival volunteer then sends a prize for the child out the trunk as well. Obviously, this carnival game is ideal for younger children.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Our school borrowed this darling elephant carnival game from another school as just an extra game for the younger kids to play. A bank representative who had a booth close to the elephant was happy to help in delivering the prizes to our younger children.

If you are looking for a big money making booth – this is not the carnival idea for you.

But, if you are looking for a few more cute, carnival games for younger players – you may want to consider finding a talented volunteer to make a replica of this cute little guy!