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Catapult Challange

Budget Carnival Game – Catapult Challenge!


Have a Backstop to Keep Balls in the Game.



DIY Game Made From Plastic Pipes.

Cool Game Catapult Challenge - SETUP & DIRECTIONS


Supplies for this Inexpensive Game:

bullet point Plastic Pipe for Catapult Frame (for example PVC and PVC glue - adult supervision required)
bullet point 3 or more Large Rubber Bands
bullet point 36 or more 16 Ounce Red Plastic Cups
bullet point 12 or More Tennis Balls
bullet point 2 Tables - one to hold the catapult - the second for the stacked cups
bullet point Colorful Tablecloths, Game Sign, Ticket Box
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation, and others (depending upon how you set up this carnival game) 

How to Make this Carnival Game:

The game shown above was designed by a local Scouting Troop. It is fairly inexpensive to make and kids think this is really cool to play!

First they constructed the frame, Then they added the lever with cup on the end to support the tennis ball. 

The rubber bands help to provide the resistance to fling the tennis ball towards the table with the 3 sets of cups.

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, set up both tables making sure the table with the cups has a backstop.

Put out your tablecloth and make sure to stack up the cups using 3 or more together

The catapult table should be somewhat short (you can use borrowed end table or children's desk) or to allow younger children to try their hand at this game.

NOTE: Because this game is flinging Tennis Balls you want to make sure you have a type of a backstop behind this game to prevent the balls from hitting passersby or from having to chase balls rolling 25 or more feet away!

How to Play the Hole in One Game:

Typically, children are given 3 chances to catapult a tennis ball over to knock down a set up plastic cups.

For example, if a player knocks down all three cups, they receive a top prize.

If they do not knock over a complete set of cups in three try's they receive a small inexpensive toy as a prize.

 SUPPLIES & PRIZES for the Budget Catapult Challenge Game