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Crazy Birds

Carnival Game Idea: Crazy Birds!


bean-bags-for-game.jpgAdd "X's" and "O's" to Bean Bags for 2 Players.



closeup-tic-tac-toe-board.jpgAdd a Few "X's" and "O's" to the Board for 1 Player.




Supplies for Crazy Birds:

bullet point Table to hold the game - (tablecloth is optional)
bullet pont Cardboard Blocks
bullet point Lightweight inflatable balls
bullet point Permanent Marker (optional) to make bird faces on tossing balls
bullet point Stand Behind Lines -  Sidewalk Chalk, Spray Paint (for grass), or Masking Tape (best used indoors) or Cones
bullet point Velcro TM(optional) for an outdoor game or to make the game more difficult for older children

Stuffed Animal Balls

Top, Medium and Consultation Carnival Prizes

Game Set Up:

Before the carnival, figure out a standard "set" that will be the starting point for each game. Make sure all animals are on a block and the set is easy to set up and fairly stable. (See our example above.) If the game is to be played outside, consider adding 1 inch pieces of Velcro TM (or other type holding material) to the corners of most blocks so the wind does not blow down the set and make the game too easy.
Also, test the game and the stand for difficulty and place “stand behind” lines for different age children using sidewalk chalk, or tape.

How to Play the Crazy Birds Carnival Game:

Children are given 4 chances to toss the inflatable balls "crazy birds" and knock ALL of the animals down to touch the table. If the animals are still on the blocks - but NOT touching the table, they do not count as being knocked down.

If the carnival player knocks down 0 or 1 animal - they receive a consolation prize. 

If they knock down 2 - 3 animals off the blocks, they receive a medium prize.
If they knock down all 4 animals to the table, they receive a top prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: Placement of this game is important. Indoors is best if you don't want to worry about wind knocking down the set. Also, make sure the game is close to a wall or barrier so your volunteers are not running around the carnival to pick up the "crazy birds" that missed their mark!