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Balloon Clowns

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Shaped Balloons by Professional Clowns

 Balloon clown making shaped balloon for child at a carnival

Dog Shaped Carnival Balloons
Important Safety Tips for Kids with Balloons Below!


Little girl with clown nose at a carnival
Clown Noses are a Fun Add On for This Booth!

Balloon Clowns - Set Up & Directions


Supplies for Balloon Clowns Booth:

bullet point Table and Chairs for Clowns
bullet point Table Decorations and Ticket Holder (optional)
bullet point Optional Items for sale like Foam Clown Noses etc.
bullet point Clowns with Balloons to shape for children
bullet point Ticket Box and Booth Sign

Carnival Booth Set Up:

Month/weeks before the carnival, first find out if a parent at your school (or church) is a Professional Clown or if someone knows a kids entertainment clown. (If not, of course you can search online for “professional clown or kids party clown city, state) Next, contact that professional and ask them if they would be willing to entertain the kids at a booth at your carnival for a few hours as a donation to the carnival. (Note: it is best not to pay the clown for their services – or pay a verydiscounted rate for this carnival booth!)

Remember, most of the younger kids will have parents with them as they round the carnival - this is a perfect networking/advertizing for the clown and potentially can give them lots of future business. So be sure to mention that to the professional clown when asking!

How to run the Balloon Clowns Booth:

For this booth, kids pay tickets for different shaped balloons and/or some Party Clown do face painting too! Be sure to ask the clowns if all balloon shapes should be charged the same number of tickets or if they can recommend the value of the services provided.

Remember, your goal is to profit with every booth –so you may want to ask how many children’s balloon shapes the clown estimates per hour. Just because your carnival has 400 children expected does not mean the party clown can make 400 balloons in 2 hours!!

Additional Hints & Tips:

A few pointers that may help you secure your Kids Party Clown for Free:

  1. Tell your potential entertainer the school/church will purchase all the supplies; they need or can reimburse them for the supplies used that day. (Of course, ask how much they anticipate this will cost for the number of hours they will be at the carnival.)

  2. Tell the clown to bring their business cards or other advertising for their carnival booth – this is a perfect place to get the word out for kids Birthday parties and other events for free!

  3. Ask the party clown the timing that would work for them – they do not need to stay the entire Carnival. You are just asking for their expertise in making fun balloons and entertaining the kids at a booth for just a few hours (example: if your carnival is 5 hours long, just ask for the first 2 – 3 hours . )

  4. Be sure to tell the clown you will set up the booth for them –and take it down – they just need to show up and entertain the kids who drop by.

Safety Note:

Please follow the guideline of the Consumer Product Safety Commission with regards to balloons, broken balloons and young children. 
Click here to download this child balloon safety pdf.

Allergy Note:

Allergy Information: In recent years, it has become more common for people to have have severe latex allergies if around bursting balloons. For schools, and other organizations, it may be wise to talk with administrators to verify all child allergies first. 

Carnival Supplies for the Balloon Clown Booth!

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