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Bean Bag Toss Game Set


Icecream Cone Bean Bag Toss Set - Kids Carnival Party Game 


Supplies for Carnival Party Game - Bean Bag Toss :
Bean Bag Toss Game with Included Bean Bags
Table (optional)
Carnival Decorations (optional)
Carnival Prizes 

How to Play:
Before the carnival party, set up your bean bag toss game and be sure to have stand behind lines, as this game is super easy if kids are just a foot or so away from the game.

Each player has 5 chances to get as many bean bags into the nets as possible!

You can decide what defines a "top winner" for this game and it will depend on the age of your players!

For example, with young kids, (preschool to under 3rd grade) just getting two bean bags into a net makes them a winner! But, for older kids, you can have a set a value number that corresponds to the game that they must add up to win (like you must get 25 or more points to the a top prize winner).

This cute Ice Cream Bean Game Bag Set is perfect for carnival themed birthday parties and for backyard parties! But, for larger school carnivals, neighborhood carnivals and such, this game is a little too small and only has 5 bean bags. This tends to slow the play down to have to retrieve all bean bags before the next player can play - so we recommend you make a larger Bean Bag Game and have at least 12 bean bags with the game players only getting 3 tries each!

Note: We have found that the bean bag toss is one carnival game that needs "stand behind lines" as kids get so excited and tend to scoot up closer and closer to this game to make sure they win!

Some Carnival Supplies and Prize Ideas Ideas for the Bean Bag Toss Carnival Game!





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minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

You are sure to enjoy the easy set up of this kids carnival game! If you have kids of different ages, be sure to have "stand behind" lines and have your order children stand a few feet further away than the little guys!

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